Finland manufactures clothes made from recyclable wood

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Finland implements bio-friendly technology for the production of clothing, with recyclable wood manage to counteract the impact of the textile industry on the environment

Finland manufactures clothes made from recyclable wood

Students from the University of Aalto in Finland demonstrated that recycled timber could be a source of textile fibers. The students made a dress with birch wood with "Innocell" technology, which allows to convert used clothes, old newspapers and in this case wood, into textile fibers.

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The first lady, Jenni Haukioel, wore the dress being a focus for the public press and evidence of her support for this bio-friendly alternative. Finland is one of the most ecological countries on the planet; the preservation and care of nature have characterized it. In fact, the forests cover 70% of the surface of the country, they are a source of work and allow in their abundance to make a reduction control of some trees to give space to the growth of others, in this way those that are removed like the small birches, can be used to manufacture clothes.



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Impact of the textile industry on the environment

The textile sector has generated many damages to the environment, according to the UN 20%, of the contaminated water of the planet come from the textile industry, is the second most polluting source after the oil industry. On the other hand, the production of polyester fibers takes approximately more than 200 years to decompose; this industry generates a large amount of waste and garbage annually.

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Currently, many countries have joined the bio-friendly alternatives in the production of clothing to counteract this environmental impact. Also, many have joined the Detox campaign led by Greenpeace, in which for 8 years have encouraged the fashion industry to discontinue the use of substances harmful to the environment.

Design and bio-friendly technology

The professor, Pirjo Kaariainen, of the Aalto University, rescues the importance of adding an excellent model to the production of bio-friendly clothing. For the realization of the dress of birch counted on the participation of engineers and designers, since the sector of the fashion demands the aesthetics of its garments.

According to BCC, the teacher said that "people want clothes that look good and feel good, so there is no other choice but that the design is good", "We need to make a change so that sustainable materials are integrated into the system and people can easily buy beautiful and comfortable clothes that do not cause environmental problems. "

Next production line based on wood

By 2020, academics and engineers at the University of Aalto plan to bring their new birch-based clothing line to market.



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