How much does it cost to a team to get kicked out of the Champions League?

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Real Madrid and Paris Saint Germain, two of the most expensive teams in the world of football, were left out of the Champions League. How much money did they stop receiving?

How much does it cost to a team to get kicked out of the Champions League?

The 'Triple champion' of the Champions League, Real Madrid, left a vacancy, and the top favorite to succeed him, Paris Saint Germain, was also left on the road. Two of the richest clubs in Europe said goodbye to the 'Champions' and incidentally stopped receiving 10.5 million euros, just for not accessing the quarterfinals. That, without counting another millionaire figure for advertising and box office.

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The European contest has destined for this version a net of 2,250 million euros. By entering the group stage, the European Football Union - UEFA gives a juicy check to each club for 15.6 million euros, a figure that reaches, for example, to buy the luxurious Rolls Royce personalized silver spur of the Sultan of Brunei, limousine valued at about 14 million euros.

But it is not all the money that can accumulate in this phase of the tournament, for each win they acquire a 'bonus' of 2.7 million euros and 900 thousand euros for each draw. By the 'jump' to the round of 16, each eleven does not pocket 9.5 million euros, while reaching the 'quarters' earn another bonus by 10.5.

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The semifinalists continue adding to their coffers and add 12 million earnings, while the runner-up remains 15 'melons' and the winner, which will end with the merengue team's hegemony, will be awarded 19. All this is without regard to box office, advertising, television and other precautions acquired by the marketing.

The 140 million euros that the White House spent for its stellar contracts were not enough: Vinicius (45 million), Courtois (35 million), Odriozola (30 million), Ariano Díaz (21.5 million) and Andriy Lunin (8.5), money collected thanks to the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus of Italy for 112 million euros, being overtaken by a youthful and 'cheap' Ajax.

The millions of the Europa League

The second most important tournament of the old continent, the Europa League, manages a checkbook much more reduced compared to the 'Champions', but not at all despicable. For example, each of the 48 teams that are part of the initial phase of the championship, receives 2.92 million euros, 570 thousand for each victory in this stage and 190 thousand for equality. In addition, one million for the winner of each quadrangular.

The decisive part of the event begins with the round of sixteen, disbursing 500 thousand euros for each squad, while those who enter the eighths receive a 'bonus' for 1.1 million euros.

Those eight teams that access the quarterfinals are awarded 1.5 million, the semifinalists earn 2.4 million and the finalists receive a check for 4.5 million each; In addition to reaching the last game, the champion seizes the trophy and 4 more 'melons'.

In total, the 'dance' of the millions of UEFA reaches 3,250 in the award between both competitions, 2,550 for the 'Champions' and the remaining money goes to the accounts of the Europa League. For the terrestrial dimension, the global figure triples the investment of the American brand Michael Kors by the British shoe manufacturer Jimmy Choo and the amount offered in 2009 by a sheik who wanted to buy from Real Madrid.


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