Bill Gates: the 10 technologies that will improve the world in 2019

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The founder of Microsoft and the second richest man in the world presents the 10 most cutting-edge technological advances for this year

Bill Gates: the 10 technologies that will improve the world in 2019

With a fortune of 97,700 million dollars according to Forbes, Bill Gates presides over a foundation created by him and his wife Melinda Gates, in order to improve the health of the world population and save lives through revolutionary inventions. For this reason, the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology invited him to exhibit at the MIT Technology Review to present the 10 most avant-garde advances of the year. LatinAmerican Post presents them to you.

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1. Accurate robots

According to the official website of the Technology Review, Bill Gates says that robots tend to act inaccurately and awkwardly when the work for which they are programmed is altered. For this, he ensures that the Dactyl project, which consists of a robotic hand with a neural network software capable of making understand the physical reality through automatic learning obtained by doing virtual simulations, with time will achieve a better dexterity in robotic technology.

2. Renewed nuclear energy

According to the FayerWayer review, cleaner nuclear power is already being achieved to change the traditional one, all due to fourth generation reactors that present a form of fission and evolved fusion. In addition, its size is smaller, its cost more economical and it generates even more energy than current reactors. In fact, countries like the United States and Canada are working on this technology to put it into operation in 2020.


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3. Intestinal catheter

Another invention recognized by Bill Gates is a device that ABC describes as a tiny swallowable probe that has the function of taking good quality photos in the internal part of the intestine, with which it could diagnose intestinal or esophageal diseases, common in emerging countries. This kind of pill can be supplied without anesthesia in babies, children and adults. In this way doctors will know how to proceed to intervene after the images are transmitted on their equipment.

4. Predict premature babies

As Technology Review notes, one in ten children is born prematurely and is the leading cause of death in less than 5 years. Now the biological engineer Stephen Quake has managed to predict premature birth through a non-invasive test that consists of analyzing the blood of the pregnant woman to look for mutations in DNA and RNA.

5. Vaccine against cancer

If there is something that doctors have been working for years, it is in the cure of cancer. Bill Gates mentions that they are about to commercialize a vaccine that instigates the immune system to generate T cells that serve to attack the cancer cells of up to 10 types of cancer. This year it would be tested on 560 patients by BioNTech and Genentech, companies in charge of this vaccine, FayerWayer said.

6. Hamburger without meat

Another invention pointed out by Bill Gates is the creation of an alternative product grown in laboratories, with the purpose of generating a food similar to meat, since producing meat of animal origin entails an excessive expenditure of water, soil and fossil fuels that increases the pollution. In addition, due to the population increase, in the future the high consumption of meat would cause an environmental catastrophe and there would not be enough to cover the world consumption, according to Technology Review.

7. Carbon dioxide receiver

According to FayerWayer, Bill Gates mentions that it is necessary to absorb a billion tons of CO2, according to a UN report. Therefore, a machine capable of removing carbon dioxide at a cost of $100 per ton is currently being created, which is much less money than previous estimates, and this captured CO2 could be used to make synthetic fuel or other functions.

8. Electrocardiogram on the wrist

Because the exercise wristbands are not really a medical device, the invention of a watch with technology to perform a precise electrocardiogram capable of identifying any anomaly that leads to a stroke, could also adapt this technology in smart watches as Apple already has done in 2017 with FDA approval.


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9. Without sewerage

With up to 2.3 billion individuals who do not have adequate sanitation, it is common for people to dump fecal matter in nearby streams and ponds, which encourages the cultivation of bacteria, parasites and viruses that cause diarrhea and other dangerous diseases. This is why we are working on a toilet that is economical enough to be affordable by everyone and that, besides taking waste with a large amount of water, you can also treat it without using excess water.


10. Smarter voice aids

Beyond the sympathy of Siri or Alexa, Bill Gates assures that it is necessary the invention of voice assistants with Artificial Intelligence that really understand the natural language of people and their semantics. There are already companies that have improved the understanding of their devices such as Google Duplex, Alibaba's AliMe among others, that although they are capable of filling in their sentences, they still can not get along with the human vocabulary.


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