Formula 1: this is what teams pay for each car

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Formula One 2019 is about to start and here we tell you why it is considered one of the most expensive sports on the planet

Formula 1: this is what teams pay for each car

Like a precious jewel, this is how the cars of Formula One, the most prestigious and expensive sport in the world, are seen. No wonder, each car can cost 10 million dollars and each of the parts that make it up can cost more than 100,000 dollars. How much does it cost each piece that makes up the car?

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Let's start with the most expensive, the engine. Considered as the 'heart' of the vehicle, this piece is extremely powerful and fast, driving from zero to 378 kilometers per hour, an absolute record that has the Finnish Valtteri Bottas since 2016, surpassing the 372 that the Colombian Juan Pablo Montoya imposed in 2004.

That's why, every time you hear an F1 car engine roar, you'll be hearing the sound of 8 million dollars. They are not very large in consideration of conventional cars and their weight cannot be less than 702 kilograms during each race.

The second most expensive piece is the carbon fiber chassis that protects the pilot during each competition, better known as the 'monocoque', which is around 682 thousand dollars. What it makes this part of the car so expensive is its construction material, with an incalculable lightweight strength and each of its 60 layers are as thin as a human hair.


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In the third location of the most expensive parts of a single-seater F1 is the gearbox, estimated at about 504 thousand dollars. With more than 400 components that are tailor-made for the vehicle, which is also tailor-made for the driver, this part has evolved from a longitudinal transmission clutch to a sophisticated hydraulic gearbox.

The account continues in the costs of an F1 car

They are less expensive, but that does not make them less important for the car. They seem like a toy, but they are complex to use, it is the steering wheel with which the steering of the car is controlled. This instrument can cost 54 thousand dollars and from there the pilot can change speeds, communicate by radio, activate the regenerative brake, give mobility to the rear wing, control the speed in the pit area, among other commands.

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The aerodynamic part is essential for the cars to exceed 300 kilometers per hour, so the front wing, estimated at 168 thousand dollars, and the rear, which surrounds 84 thousand dollars, break the wind that faces the car when the engine is at its maximum power. Given the high speeds, the cooling plays a prominent role so that the engine does not break, that's why this system reaches 178 thousand dollars.

Another important part is the fuel tank, which is estimated at 115 thousand dollars. What makes it so special? It is behind the driver and in front of the engine, its components are strictly regulated by the FIA (International Automobile Federation) to avoid cracks in the event of a crash.

If you have any doubts that these are the most expensive cars in the sports world, it's worth looking at the tires. Each one has an approximate value of 700 dollars, that is, the 'shoes' of the car can cost 2,800 dollars. That's without considering the amount of wheels they spend in each race.


Una publicación compartida de Scuderia Ferrari (@scuderiaferrari) el

The hydraulic system is another 'pearl' that integrates the car, with a cost of 170 thousand dollars, while its braking system comes to be worth about 200 thousand dollars.

The above shows that the 'carp' of motoring is extremely expensive, that is without adding to the calculator the expenses of the transfers of the cars, the salary earned by a driver, the registration of the vehicles to participate in the championship, and the hundred of people that make up each team.


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Translated from "F1: esto es lo que pagan los equipos por cada carro"


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