Venezuela: Will the second investigation against Guaidó be relevant?

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The General Prosecutor's Office of the Constituent Assembly in Venezuela opened an investigation process against Juan Guaidó as allegedly responsible for the "electrical sabotage" 

Venezuela: Will the second investigation against Guaidó be relevant?

A new episode of tribulation lived Venezuelans last Thursday. During an approximate one hundred hours, the country remained without electric service (in some states they were 120 hours without electrical power) and the opposition leader to Nicolás Maduro, Juan Guaidó, remains the target in the distribution of faults.

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The "blackout" in Venezuela resulted in the paralysis of water service for the entire population, except for small areas in the main cities that had emergency service to attribute electricity to hospitals and surrounding areas. However, this event affected the productivity of the population and the entire country, even taking the lives of many Venezuelans who depended on machinery to live in health centers, as reported by the few users connected from Venezuela were able to give information about what was happening on their social networks



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Meanwhile, the attorney general appointed by the constituent assembly, Tarek William Saab, gave public knowledge of a new investigation against interim president Juan Guaidó as allegedly responsible for the events that occurred since March 7 for an approximate of four to five days.


“El Ministerio Público ha iniciado una nueva investigación que se suma a otra realizada durante el mes de enero en contra del ciudadano Juan Gerardo Guaidó Márquez, por su presunta implicación en el sabotaje realizado al Sistema Eléctrico Nacional…” Dijo William Saab desde el Tribunar Supremo de Justicia


Guaidó is signaled with suspicion next to the "possible proof of guilt" this evidence is a tweet written in his twitter account "Venezuela is clear that the light comes with the cessation of the usurpation."



For Chavez, it represents enough reason to attribute any punishable charge to him. This is in addition to a previously formalized investigation that prohibited the young leader from leaving the country, however, through strategic maneuvers, Guaidó managed to circumvent this restriction, and upon his return from an exhaustive political tour in Latin America, he managed to enter Venezuela without retaliation. It is known that throughout the time of Nicolás Maduro's political leadership, young leaders opposed to his mandate are being tried in unconstitutional ways, but this has not been the case of Juan Guaidó, who has also represented an international political value as a representative of Venezuela and a face firm of the democratic restoration of the country.

International support for the interim president of Venezuela has regenerated the confidence of the opposition citizens of the Maduro regime, both the opponents of the ideological currents that handled the country's global policies, as well as a hope of dignity for citizens They once supported the late President Chávez. Presumably, the hope for the democratic restoration and economic health of Venezuela is placed in every movement and discourse of Guaidó, Venezuelans have understood that a war between the armed military and unarmed civilians would become a tragedy. That bitter open mouth was in effect during 2017 and remains latent every day that a Venezuelan raises his voice against the lack of essential services and food.

The infamous actions of the Chavez mandate against journalists, businessmen, dissident officers, and young people, have been visible to the world, but for Venezuelans, in a home where they have already had to give up the essentials to lead a healthy life, it merely is the demonstration of that there is nothing to lose for them, the desire to continue fighting and open the doors to democracy prevails. Juan Guaidó has the support of Venezuelans inside and outside Venezuela, but now the panorama is dispelled by gray clouds thanks to the support of international politics, putting the situation of Venezuela in the mouth of the whole world. It is to be expected that the government of Nicolás Maduro will use all the necessary measures against those who want to take away the power granted 20 years ago, but for Venezuelans and the world, there is no other bad guy than the one who breaks his son , and Venezuelans have shown that although the pieces are scattered, the population is willing to put them together.


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