The weirdest backstage demands of 7 famous performers

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Some demand alcohol, others a new toilet or even red-colored toilet paper. Here a list of bizarre demands from 7 musicians

The weirdest backstage demands of 7 famous performers

When an event organizer wishes to hire any musician for a concert, it is necessary that, in addition to paying the amount of money that this celebrity asks, they must also comply with the singer's requirements for the dressing and hotel room. Although it may seem that these demands are basic, some musicians go further and ask for things that for many may seem crazy, but that are completely necessary for them. LatinAmerican Post presents you some of the requests of 7 famous singers.

Roberto Carlos


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The Brazilian songwriter, interpreter of the popular song "Un millón de amigos", has some strict demands because of his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), which causes him to constantly repeat certain behaviors. For this reason, the newspaper El Comercio from Peru reported that Roberto Carlos requested that, for his concert in Lima, the entire hotel and dressing rooms in which he was to stay must be white, including all the things inside of it. He also demanded that he had prepared 6 pillows, 12 covers, 24 bath towels, 8 face towels, 20 bath mats and 4 boxes of tissues. Of course, all of these had to be white.



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The American singer does not seem to be able to do everything in one place, so she requests to have three separate dressing rooms: one to arrange her hair, another for the makeup and the last one just to relax. Moreover, Beyoncé asks that all the toilet paper in their bathrooms must be red, in addition to white wine and silverware, according to El País.


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Justin Bieber


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The young Canadian star has a demand that may seem arrogant to many: he asks that no one speaks to him directly. Bieber also requests that his dressing room must be full of food such as Ritz cheese crackers and peanut butter, chewing gum, soft drinks, sandwiches and more, according to El País. In contracts involving several days, the singer asks for a qualified chef to cook five daily dishes that include organic turkey, popcorn with cheese or seasonal vegetables, as well as almond milk, protein drinks and 24 bottles of water, reviewed 24 Horas from Chile.

Jennifer Lopez


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The singer of Puerto Rican roots has a particular demand: she can only sleep with a sheet made with at least 250 threads, so her team is responsible for bringing that sheet to the room. She also carries a toilet her exclusive use, according to El País. On a 72-night tour in Las Vegas, Jennifer Lopez demanded that an apple pie must be prepared daily for her because she likes how it smells. In addition, she requested to have available the use of three suites with white dressing rooms, staffed by butlers dressed in white and a team of assistants, as well as a laundry separate from the rest of the guests to wash her clothes and an exclusive recreation area for her children, according to Univision.

Elton John


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The refined English musician likes to have at his disposal only vegetarian food without any type of animal protein, also flowers, palms, and fruits ordered by color in his dressing room. In addition, he only plays his own million-dollar piano that must be moved to the country and city where he will perform. As for the ambient temperature in the stage and backstage, it should be 19°C, according to the Vanity Fair magazine.

Kanye West 


The American rapper likes to take care of his hygiene, so he demands two Carmex lip balms, L'Occitane soaps, anti-dandruff shampoo, a Neutrogena facial scrub, and a Nivea cream to moisturize his skin. Regarding food, he asks for an organic chef, in addition to asking for a separate room for his daughter with her favorite movies and a very good bed, which can cost up to 8,000 euros, according to El País.

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Daddy Yankee


The king of reggaeton also has a list of demands, among them is to have energy drinks, regular and diet sodas, a freshly squeezed orange juice, and no alcoholic beverages. As for food, the Puerto Rican asks for cheeses, meats, and fresh fruits, but after performing he wants six pizzas with water, ice, and coffee. He also likes to have security service for all the team at all times, and requires that all his companions receive the same special treatment, according to the newspaper La República.


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