Paraguay and Brazil: together in favor of Guaidó

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In addition to talking about binational issues, Presidents Mario Abdo Benítez and Jair Bolsonaro confirmed their efforts to "restore democracy in Venezuela"

Paraguay and Brazil: together in favor of Guaidó

Although the visit that the president of Paraguay, Mario Abdo Benítez, made to Brazil on March 12 had as main objective talking about common issues and cooperation between both countries, inevitably the meeting was also used to talk about the situation in Venezuela and to ratify the support that these two governments have given Juan Guaidó, whom they have recognized as legitimate president of Venezuela.

The presidents, Abdo Benítez and Bolsonaro, agreed that they are united "for the freedom of Venezuela", assuring that their efforts and work will continue to ensure that democracy is restored in that country.

According to the above, the Infobae portal highlighted one of the sections of the statement by President Abdo Benítez, in which he stated that "we are united in defense of democracy because now it is Venezuela, but tomorrow it can be any other nation. time to remain indifferent to the real challenges that the region has, one of which is the defense of democracy and values".

According to Benítez, it is necessary to strengthen institutions in South America, so that democracies can prosper and thus prevent the region from being a fertile ground for populism and demagoguery.

For his part, President Jair Bolsonaro agreed with his Paraguayan counterpart and pointed out - referring to Venezuela - that it is "a pleasure to receive Mr. Mario Abdo Benítez, president of the Republic of Paraguay, in our country. Brazil is willing to work together to (have) a freer and more prosperous South America". 

At the end of the meeting, they presented a joint statement, in which both presidents expressed that:

1. They verified the harmony of visions, ideals, and values between Brazil and Paraguay to joint efforts for the promotion of the rule of law and democracy in South America.
2. They reiterate their firm commitment to continue supporting the Venezuelan people and the Government of President Juan Guaidó, in the process of transition towards the restoration of democracy in Venezuela

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Treaties and binational cooperation

Beyond the Venezuela factor, the presidents of Paraguay and Brazil spoke about the renegotiation of the Itaipu Treaty, which is close to turning 50 years from signed and through which 74% of the energy consumed by Paraguay and 17% of what Brazil consumes.

Likewise, Presidents Abdo Benítez and Bolsonaro discussed the connectivity between their countries, the construction of a new bridge over the Paraná River, as well as commercial cooperation and the fight against organized crime.

Regarding the fight against organized crime, the newspaper ABC of Paraguay recorded a statement by Jair Bolsonaro, who said that he "will not give asylum to terrorists or any other bandit prisoner or a political refugee".

That statement was supported by the chancellor of Paraguay, Luis Castiglioni: "what they valued very much is the great commitment that Paraguay has made since the assumption of the government of Mario Abdo, in the fight against transnational crime. They valued the captures for drug trafficking and the speed of the Paraguayan government to deliver the criminals of Comando Vermelho and the PCC (First Commando da Capital)".

As with Paraguay and Brazil, several Latin American governments have opted to develop their internal agendas and in conjunction with other countries, in parallel with the pro-Venezuela campaign, against Nicolás Maduro and in favor of Juan Guaidó. However, while the interest and the insistent concern for Venezuela increase, in their own countries there are situations comparable to that of Venezuela that do not have the same attention and priority.


LatinAmerican Post | Samuel Augusto Gallego Suárez

Translated from: 'Paraguay y Brasil: juntos a favor de Guaidó"


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