Did you know that these 3 lawyers have saved several famous footballers?

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We know that footballers can give everything on the court and that is why they can make certain mistakes with the law

Did you know that these 3 lawyers have saved several famous footballers?

Between passes, dribbling, and goals, our favorite soccer stars delight us in every game they play. However, there are also moments where they surprise us because of their scandals. Whether for tax evasion, extortion, illicit enrichment, among others, different lawyers have to come to the rescue so that the football cracks keep dazzling on the court. From LatinAmerican Post we show you some lawyers who have taken out of trouble talented footballers.

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1. Juan de Dios Crespo

This Spanish lawyer is specialized in sports law. According to Five days, his work was "in international litigation with procedures in UEFA, FIFA, BAT and TAS-CAS, 2". In the same way, Crespo specializes in the advice of hiring players and the famous transfers of athletes between clubs.

According to El País, Crespo, who is also the director of the Spanish law firm Ruiz Huerta & Crespo Abogados, was the one who allowed the Argentine soccer team to save its classification, because he managed "the Appeals Committee to reduce the sanction imposed to two matches, by FIFA to Lionel Messi." The above happened when 'La Pulga' insulted the referee at the end of the Argentina - Chile match for the qualifiers of the 2018 World Cup.


On the other hand, Crespo was in charge of advising the Brazilian player Neymar Jr, in his transfer from the Spanish club FC Barcelona to the French team Paris Saint Germain (PSG), an operation that was recorded in the history of the seasonal transfers, as the club paid 222 million for the Brazilian.


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2. David Chesnoff

Although he is not a lawyer specialized in sports law, he is known in the world of entertainment as the "lawyer of the stars", because he has taken cases of famous artists such as Paris Hilton, Leonardo di Caprio, Mike Tyson, Bruno Mars, among many others. Chesnoff was chosen by Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo after the accusations of rape. The victim and ex-model, Kathryn Mayorga, affirms that CR7 raped her in 2009.

Although the process could take around two years, the truth is that the role of Chesnoff will be crucial for the Portuguese to avoid the scandal. It would not be the first in his professional life, because according to AS, Ronaldo was arrested in 2005 for alleged rape in a London Penthouse, when he played for Manchester United.


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3. Boca and the law firm

Copa Libertadores's final between Boca Juniors and River Plate was tense from all points of view. From fan attacks to the Boca bus, to postpone the final, it was just a few examples of the longest final of the Cup.

Before the trouble of playing the final at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, home of Real Madrid, the Xeneize team reported that they would do everything possible to "get justice done". In the statement, it was stated that the club "hired Pintó Ruiz & Del Valle, one of the most prestigious and recognized specialized studies in international sports law, to join the legal defense of the institution."

Although the River Plate was crowned champion, winning 3 against 1, this team still waits they will be proclaimed champion.


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