Winter is coming: the great last season of Game of Thrones

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HBO has released the official trailer and the duration of the episodes of the last season

Winter is coming: the great last season of Game of Thrones

"Winter is coming" told us Ned Stark from the distant first season, but little by little the evil has been felt in all Westeros. HBO has let us see in its latest trailer what awaits us in the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones, the adaptation of the literary series Song of Ice and Fire by the American George R.R. Martin. Less than a month before the premiere of the final season, theories abound of where everything is going in the complicated war that is coming.

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Who will stay with the iron throne?

It's the million dollar question. HBO has jealously been careful that not a single second of the eighth season leaks, after what happened in the previous seasons, especially in the seventh. In this, the scripts were leaked months before and several chapters days before its release, which filled the social networks of spoilers that caused frustration among the followers of the series. Now the producer filmed several false scenes to avoid discovering what will happen ahead of time, especially due to the fact that the series has already exceeded the book, unlike the first seasons, launched when the books had already been published for years.


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The different battlefronts in the series cause great expectations. On the one hand, the wall of ice is about to face its destiny, opening the doors to the evil that has stalked Westeros for centuries. On the other hand, there are the internal battles that arose from all the intrigues of the previous seasons. If George RR Martin is still true to his style, many will end up dead; the problem is that nobody knows who with certainty. Those who have read the books know in detail about different prophecies and clues that Martin has left for them, but for those who have only followed the television series the subject is even more mysterious.

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The role of women has been present since the first day and will surely remain crucial until the last second. The different ruling houses of the Seven Kingdoms have gone through everything over the years, which has defined their alliances or their enmities, which will now face each other for the last time in the final battle. In the end, we do not know which of all this battle will be, because the different battlefronts are unpredictable.

The only sure thing so far is the duration of the last episodes (54 ', 58', 60 ', 78', 80 'and 80', respectively from the first to the sixth episode). The production has created euphoria among the followers when affirming that the great battle between alive and dead will surpass in duration and magnitude the one in the Abyss of Helm in the Two Towers, the second part of the Lord of the Rings (Peter Jackson), something difficult to overcome. The manager will be nothing less than Miguel Sapochnik, the director of The Battle of the Bastards, something that promises, according to information from Espinof.

HBO prepares the way

With great anticipation, HBO announced that, although Game of Thrones ends, they are preparing another series within the same universe created by Martin. Although there is not yet a release date, fans are already waiting to know where the new derivative series will go. Next to The Lord of the Rings that Amazon prepares and Netflix's recently announced Maya and the Three, which promises to be epic at the level of JRR Tolkien's history, the era of these series has just begun.


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