Learn how to make your travel bag with these 6 tips

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Here you will find handy tips to make the travel suitcase quickly and perfectly

Learn how to make your travel bag with these 6 tips

For each trip, the bag is one of the essential things, but packing quickly and efficiently is difficult for many people. If you are one of those who does not know where to start packing, or how to choose clothes, accessories and essential items learn to do it with the best tips of experienced travelers that Latin American Post brings you, you will see how useful they are at the time of packing, and more if you have little time.

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Keep in mind that a well-made suitcase is essential for any trip, and doing it does not have to be a headache. Do you want to learn how to pack effectively? With these tips, you will do it as a professional.

1. Check the weather of the place you will visit

As a first tip, the travel videoblogger, Vale Caballero, in a video entitled "How to pack for a trip" published on your Youtube channel, indicates that before deciding what to carry in the suitcase, it is vital to check, in any App or page web, how the weather will be in the travel destination. Knowing if there will be a cold, rainy or sunny climate, helps to choose the right clothes and items that are necessary.


2. Choose the clothes according to the activities you will do during the trip

When planning a trip, you always have some activities planned to do during the stay, and based on that Caballero also ensures that it is possible to pack efficiently. It will be easier to choose the right clothes and only the necessary one, taking into account if you will perform water activities, in the mountains, among others. If you change clothing changes for each day avoid wearing clothes that you probably will not use.

3. Make a list to organize yourself better

Once you know how the weather will be and the activities to be done on the trip, a tip that adds another video blogger known in Youtube as Elena HG is to make a list with all the essentials for the trip. In his video entitled "How to make the suitcase and what fits all," says how useful it is to have a list that details the essentials to pack because it serves not to carry an overweight bag. When making this list, you must put aside the desire to take all the closet and write down only what you will use; The fewer things are much better.

4. Pack the belongings in the suitcase using the KonMari method

As a result of which the technique KonMari of Marie Kondo has been known for its excellent results in the order, the Youtuber Elena HG, in the same video mentioned above, also points out that applying this method helps in the optimization of space in the suitcase, and it is possible to pack faster.

It begins by folding the selected clothing in sections, which depending on the method varies depending on the shape of the garment. The ideal thing is to place the clothes in an upright position inside the travel suitcase, making sure that the most delicate or prone to wrinkling are in the upper part of the briefcase, and the more robust ones in the lower part.

Shoes put them in bags and opposite directions, so they do not occupy so much space; the underwear, socks, small accessories, and medicines, you can take them in small cases and place them in the free holes that remain in the suitcase.

5. Products in small containers

For a trip, you do not need to carry products in large containers. The youtuber Elena HG recommends putting the content of cleaning products and creams in small containers, which do not exceed 100 ml. It is a way to comply with the volume minimization in the luggage, and there are no problems in airport security control. And to prevent the damage of belongings due to spills of any product, it is best to carry all the containers in a bag with an airtight seal.

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6. Essentials in the handbag

Knowing what to carry in the handbag is also an aspect to consider for each trip, and although that depends on each person, the travelers Jesus and Veronica Martinez, in his blog Vero4travel, point out that the ideal is to have in this luggage what is You need to carry with you at all times, as it is: the identification document, passport, plane ticket, hand towel, technological equipment, change clothing and an emergency kit, which may include some cleaning products, only the most essentials

If at the time of packing apply these tips of experienced travelers, it is easier to pack, as it will take less time to decide what to bring to the trip, organize it, and when you finish packing you make sure you have everything you need. You will not have concerns about overweight luggage.


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