Like two peas in a pod: The meeting between Trump and Bolsonaro

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The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, who have the same ideals as Trump, visited the United States. Venezuela was the central point

Like two peas in a pod: The meeting between Trump and Bolsonaro

In a historic meeting, President Donald Trump received his counterpart, Jair Bolsonaro in the White House, where topics on trade, the advance of socialism, the use of military bases and, above all, the issue of Venezuela were discussed. As indicated by El Mundo, "football shirts were exchanged, and mutual flowers were thrown with great harmony."

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Bolsonaro, known as the Latin American Trump, marveled the US president since both "are unfiltered nationalists whose populist appeal arises in part from their use of Twitter and their track record of making impulsive comments about women, the LGBT community and indigenous groups," according to Infobae.

"Trade with Brazil is going to skyrocket"

Those were the words of Trump, who also ratified the enthusiasm of Brazil because it was so. As a result of this meeting, Brazil authorized an annual quota of 750,000 tons of wheat without taxes (it must be remembered that the South American giant is the largest importer of this cereal).

On the other hand, the US president demonstrated his support for the entry of Brazil "into the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)," Organization that according to its official website is committed to "promote policies that improve the economic and social welfare of people around the world. "Given the above, Bolsonaro expressed his gratitude by announcing the creation of "new cooperation forums between the two countries, with special attention to technology, agriculture, and security," according to RTVE.

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Brazil as a preferred military ally

Also, the Brazilian president signed an "agreement to cede to the Armed Forces of the United States the use of the military aerospace base of Alcántara, in the state of Maranhao, northeastern Brazil, a strategic location for the launching of rockets and satellites," as reported by El Litoral. On the other hand, El Espectador points out that the military base "is in front of West Africa and is the closest to the line of Ecuador."

Venezuela as the central theme

The two leaders addressed the issue of Venezuela affirming that Maduro is nothing more than a puppet of Cuba. Similarly, the option of military intervention was not ruled out, so Trump went to press stating that "all options are on the table," in addition to calling on the Venezuelan military to stop supporting the military. Maduro regime.

According to Voa Noticias, Trump also took advantage of the moment to send a strong message to socialism, stating that "the twilight hour of socialism has reached our hemisphere, and I hope that, by the way, that twilight hour has also arrived at our great country. "In the same way, he confirmed that the North American country could impose much stronger sanctions on the Maduro regime, if necessary. Also, Bolsonaro undertook to restore democracy

In light of the above, the government of Nicolás Maduro accused Brazil and the United States "of making an apology for the war," as indicated by EFE. In a statement, for the Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, "it is grotesque to see two heads of states with cardinal international responsibilities make the apology of the war without any distension, in flagrant violation of the Charter of the United Nations."


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