Venezuela is running out of time

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After a turbulent 2019 for Venezuela, it seems that time is running out and nothing is changing

Venezuela is running out of time

48 days after the swearing in of the interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, it seems that the precision of the clock that determines the departure of Nicolás Maduro's regime is nothing more than an action that is increasingly distant from the time of Venezuelans.

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For the average Venezuelan, the hope of seeing the light is increasingly out of reach. Before the decisions that the interim president of the country has taken and the decisions that are taken in each of the institutions imposed in parallel; we are in a sea of uncertainty, despair and lack of action.

The proclamation of the people who are in favor of the step by step that Guaidó takes, which comprises 85% of Venezuelans, is "we're good". But, for the Venezuelan who has survived 20 years of misery, scarcity, loss of relatives in the hands of violence and diseases, lack of values and more; "Going well" is a statement that lacks criteria and responsibility.

What does "going well" mean for Venezuela?

Aren't you impressed by the speed of the departure of Nicolás Maduro's regime? Should the exit be a negotiable decision? So far, "going well" includes an Amnesty Law that clearly favors security bodies with a high level of corruption and responsible for the bloodshed in Venezuela in the protests and other irregular events that have happened in the last 20 years.

Then, the extinction of the Maduro regime can be translated into a decision with lack of punctuality and to make arbitrary decisions that don't favor the citizens.

Several days ago we celebrated the arrival of humanitarian aid to the main border areas that surround the country. Same that has not managed to reach the hands of those who need it, whose population includes children and elderly people in a state of malnutrition and people with cancer, AIDS and diseases that in the past were considered eradicated.

The reason why the much-needed humanitarian aid to the country hasn't been achieved has an ambiguous connotation: it may well be due to the total control that the regime has in the security forces and other institutions, or to the inaction of Guaidó in the face of the events that today they prevent progress in Venezuela in terms of health.

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The Venezuelan clock lacks harmony

"Cessation of the usurpation, transitional government and free elections" are the three purposes that Guaidó promises to fulfill in the presidential term he represents; However, the consequences of disrespect for Venezuela's time are serious.

Exercising diplomatic actions to deal with the departure of a narco-regime, ensures an early failure in the face of the need to end corruption and chavism in Venezuela. It is in that moment in which the time that we have at our disposal to take definitive actions that manage to end the Maduro dictatorship, is a scarce resource and the one that has the greatest value.

Achieving the three objectives outlined above depends on the efficiency of their use.


LatinAmerican Post | Amanda Rebeca Díaz Marín

Translated from "¡Se le está acabando el tiempo a Venezuela!"