5 strange home pets

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When dogs and cats no longer attract attention, you can think of tame these strange animals

5 strange home pets

Throughout history, humans have domesticated all kinds of animals, whether to use them in heavy work, such as oxen and donkeys, or to feed themselves, like cows. Likewise, other animals have been domesticated for recreational or affective purposes, such as cats, dogs, and even hamsters. We keep them in our home to have company and take care of them.

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However, there are other animals that are possible to train, or at least tame, that are not usually seen on the street playing. Here, at LatinAmerican Post, we present you 5 strange pets that you could take home.

1. Monkey marmoset


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We all remember Marcel, the monkey of Ross in the first season of the famous TV show Friends. As it turns out, it is a species of what are known as monkeys marmosets, weighing between 100gr and 800gr, according to the portal My Animals. They are characterized by having claws instead of nails, a non-prehensile tail, being diurnal and very dependent on trees to maintain their diet of leaves, flowers, and insects.

As the Animal Expert website remembers, if you think about adopting a marmoset, you must first bear in mind that its possession is illegal in many countries due to the constant illegal traffic of these animals, which is why several of its species are in danger of extinction.

Second, the marmoset must always come from certified hatcheries and must be treated throughout its life by expert veterinarians in monkeys. This is important, as marmosets are often aggressive, territorial and very energetic, so the advice of a professional to adapt them to human homes is necessary.

2. Raccoon


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The possession of raccoons can be illegal in many countries, so it is necessary to be informed in advance and be aware of all certificates. These animals are nocturnal, intelligent and active, especially recognized by the dousing, which consists of washing the food before eating it.

Unlike cats and dogs, the raccoon is considered a wild animal, so its domestication process must be very careful. According to Animal Expert, the most important thing is to recreate its natural habitat, so it is necessary a house with a garden, which has trees to climb and a source for dousing. Also, it must have a healthy diet, without red meat, so it does not become obese.

Finally, to domesticate it, it is important that you do it through positive reinforcements, because if you shout or rebuke them, they are likely to react aggressively. In any case, they can learn tricks and disciplined behavior if you train them well.

3. Mini pig


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This is one of the most popular pets on the internet and its ownership has become popular over the years. To have them, you also need to find out if it is legal in your country and city, since pigs are usually raised on farms and, even if they are small, they require more space.

For its care, the portal BC SPCA recommends that you have open and wide spaces available, as a bored pig is one that can damage many things. So, if they have enough space and sturdy toys, they can spend all their energy in playing and not destroying your home.

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Pigs are omnivores, so they can eat different foods, but the important thing is to keep it with a good diet so that it does not get sick. Finally, according to Animal Expert, the bed or place to sleep should be comfortable and with enough space for them.

4. Snakes


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The adoption of reptiles has become more recognized in the world, and the snake is one of the favorite pets of that type. Unlike certain mammals, snakes do not develop affective ties, so you should know that they will not have the level of loyalty of a dog or cat. However, they have many advantages, such as that they should not be fed daily, they are silent, they do not require large spaces or cause allergies, as Animal Expert emphasizes. Consider those aspects before adopting one.

First of all, you should inform yourself about the kind of snake you adopt, since the large and poisonous species are not recommended for your home. Having done that, you should bear in mind that its feeding is weekly, with small rodents or birds, and that its habitat should be a terrarium whose temperature always has to stay above 25ºC

5. Owl


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The owl is a nocturnal, solitary, territorial, and predator animal par excellence, so its domestication is not very advisable. According to Animal Expert, being wild, keeping them in homes is very difficult, so it is recommended to have experience in bird care.

Likewise, it is an animal that requires a great commitment since they can live up to 50 years. Their diet is based on live or dead animals, so you should always have something in the freezer to feed it, in addition to prepare it, since owls usually vomit the viscera. Finally, it should always exercise with flight exercises, which require time, dedication, and adequate space to do them.


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