Meet these 5 travel influencers

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These 5 travel influencers did not stay in the typical, each has a particular stamp that makes them succeed in the world of social networks

Meet these 5 travel influencers

To succeed as an influencer in social networks like Instagram, it is not enough to record and upload photos; you have to be creative and show something that creates a seal on your brand. Travel, for example, has turned out to be a subject that people want to follow regularly. Maybe to see places they do not know, maybe to travel in the eyes of someone else, in any case, who would not want to live to visit and know cities and cultures?

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According to Forbes, travel influencers are the heaviest, as these people who are dedicated to travel and show the world to their followers and create the next travel trends. Hence, the profitability of this work. Many agencies have decided to 'sponsor' influencers to make their destinations flashy since they end up being travel instructors for their followers and help determine where and where to travel.

Now, since practically anyone can do that and get followers, what makes the difference has something that no other traveler has. Many of them even begin this path of social networks through a passion for photography. This is why we show you here 5 examples of influencers that show the world with a different touch.

1. Street Travelers (@viajeroscallejeros)

This couple of Spaniards has been traveling the world since 2017. Currently, have 159 thousand followers and have a blog with the same name. Although in the blog they tell a little about them, Vanessa and Roger, they are not the main characters of their profile. There are almost no characters. That's their unique feature: their photos and their Instagram stories focus on the places they visit, with impressive images of places, where they do not always come out.



Una publicación compartida por Viajeros Callejeros (@viajeroscallejeros) el


What is always present are stories about the places, both in the photos and the stories, these influencers tell the life of each place they go to, often focusing on nature: on animals, landscapes and natural parks. Although they visit all kinds of places, not only rock art. His blog also brings guides to each place they visit.

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2. Marilyn Wanderlust (@mamaporelmundo)

Her first photo, a little over four years ago, was the news that she was going to be a mother. As the years went by, her profile showed her daughter's growth, and she also showed her other passion: travel. Now, with almost 20 thousand followers, Marilyn shows us her travels around the world with her daughter. This profile, full of colors, shows a different kind of travel from a young traveler or an adventurous couple, his adventures have taken her to see beaches, snow, fields, and cities, creating a unique bond with her daughter.


Una publicación compartida por (@mamaporelmundo) el

3. Kate McCulley (@adventurouskate)

This woman is one of the pioneers in what would come to be the world of the traveling influencers. For 16 years, McCulley has broken the paradigm that a woman can not travel alone because of the dangers involved. On the contrary, he uses his blog and his Instagram profile to show the wonders that a woman can go alone, focusing on these destinations.


Una publicación compartida por Kate McCulley (@adventurouskate) el


In each of his Instagram publications, he publishes not only about the place where he is, but personal things about him, what he has lived in places or things that come to mind. Currently, it is in the Top 10 of Forbes Traveler Influencers and has almost 100 thousand followers.

4. Alan around the world (@alanxelmundo)

He is a Mexican who currently has 999 thousand followers on Instagram and nearly 2 million on YouTube. Alan is now a complete guide to know how to know the world. He has videos on YouTube of every place he has gone, and in his videos, he deals with all kinds of topics: he talks about the places themselves, or about events that happened to him during his travels, and even gives tips for traveling to places.

Also, Alan has the blood of an entrepreneur. Thanks to its scope, it has created merchandising for travelers such as calendars, piggy banks, maps, and even shoes. It also has another Instagram profile called Gordos por el Mundo (gordosxelmundo), where it shows that other side of travel that is so pleasant: food.



Una publicación compartida por Alan por el Mundo (@alanxelmundo) el


5. Christian Byfield Travel (@byfieldtravel)

Christian is a Colombian who shows the life of every place he goes to, rather than show us the luxuries that a traveler can give all over the world. All an adventurer, this influencer with 235 thousand followers left aside his work as an entrepreneur to "collect smiles all over the world," as he says in his Instagram profile.


Una publicación compartida por Christian Byfield Travel (@byfieldtravel) el


The most peculiar characteristic of Christian is that his gift of people allows him to know inspiring stories of people he meets on his travels, from Indians to people at airports. Thus, it shows the trips beyond knowing landscapes (although it also shows it), but as tools to meet people and cultures that build such a diverse world. Currently, he also lectures and have TED Talks.


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