These are the strangest 6 Guinness Records

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Beyond the well-known Guinness Records of the tallest or fastest person, we show you the strangest records

These are the strangest 6 Guinness Records

Since 195, the Guinness World Records has been responsible for recognizing world records never exceeded, its first record was based on which was the fastest bird. However, according to the official website of the company, they currently have registered more than 52 thousand world records, and among many brands can be found that many may seem crazy.

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Greater concentration of Smurfs

Perhaps the movie Smurfs influenced many people after its success in theaters, which was never expected is that 2,762 people would meet painted in blue and disguised as Smurfs to break an established record of the highest concentration Smurfs in one place. According to the RT newspaper, the event occurred this year in Lauchringen, a city in Germany.


More jugs of beer transported

Beyond knowing how to take it, Germans also have skills to carry beer. The German Oliver Struempfel broke the Guinness record of moving 26 pitchers of beer (473 ml each) in a flat 40 meters; this mark could not be surpassed since 2017, according to the Guinness World Records website.

Do not disturb

It is usual for some people to use the door of their room to hang signs, including the "Do Not Disturb" sign. Rainer Weichert wanted to go further and set a Guinness record by collecting 11,570 do not disturb signs, which have been obtained by him on cruises, airplanes, and hotels in 188 countries, this mark was recognized in 2014 in Moers, a German city.

Soda and mentos

Many know the consequence of mixing mentos with some soda like Coca Cola, the Mexicans also know it, and for that reason they decided to surpass the Guinness record "Mentos Geyser", by mixing peppermint tubes with 4,334 diet sodas, all at the same time and in one place, this record occurred, and was registered in November 2014.

Running with hands and feet

As for running, there are many records, but the Japanese Kenichi Ito wanted to do something different and that is why he is recognized by Guinness records as the fastest person running on all fours !, Ito has repeatedly exceeded his record, and this time he reached 16.87 seconds in 100 meters in the step year 2013, according to the jápones, his technique is based on the "mono patas" and has been perfecting it for more than 10 years.

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Bulging eyes

Although it can be thought that the bulging eyes are a matter of cartoons, the American Kim Goodman demonstrated the opposite, being able to take her eyes out of the basins to a maximum of 12 millimeters, this record was recorded in Turkey in 2007, and Of course, it has not been reached.

Underwater bicycle

Everyone had ridden a bike at some time in their lives, although surely none had done it like the Italian Vittorio Innocente, who established the Guinness record of riding a bicycle at the deepest depth underwater when in 2008 he submerged 66.5 meters in the sea and beat any record of underwater cycling.


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