Palomino: 5 plans in this Colombian Caribbean town

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Ecological treks in the Tayrona and river tours that end in the sea are some of the things you can do in Palomino and its surroundings

Palomino: 5 plans in this Colombian Caribbean town

The Colombian Caribbean offers many possibilities to stay in hotels with private beaches in its main ones. However, if you want a much more exciting plan in which you can meet locals and move to different beaches and small towns, Palomino is where you should go. Beach, restaurants, walks and many more things await you there.

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Here at LatinAmerican Post we recommend 5 plans that you can do in Palomino and its surroundings.

1. Tubing


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Tubing refers to using giant floats to navigate the river that eventually reaches the sea. This activity consists of a short walk through the jungle to an advanced point of the Palomino River. When you get there, the guide you have hired will put you on the float and guide your tour of the river to make it as calm as possible. Thus, you can enjoy the view and the jungle landscape that little by little changes to one of the sea. You can also see animals such as birds, small reptiles and, if you're lucky, monkeys. Take the opportunity to relax and let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of the river.

To get this service, in the main road of Palomino there are several places that offer the activity. You can choose from which point of the river you want to do it and that will depend on the price.

2. Tayrona Park


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After 30 minutes by bus, you arrive at Tayrona Park, one of the largest natural reserves in Colombia. There you can make ecological walks to reach beaches for all tastes . By the nearest entrance to Palomino, you can take a walk up to about an hour to the reefs, the station that is close to beaches such as La Piscina. During the tour, you will change from the deep jungle to walking in white sand. It also has several points that are viewpoints where you can see the landscape of the park. Be careful to only get into authorized beaches as the wind is strong and some of the beaches are very rocky.

3. Riohacha and Santa Marta


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Palomino is just halfway between two departmental capitals: Riohacha, capital of La Guajira, and Santa Marta, capital of Magdalena. Each one is about an hour away from Palomino, and it is best to grab one of the buses that pass along the main road.

In Riohacha you can visit the traditional markets where you can find Wayuu, Arhuaca and other types of handicrafts from the indigenous communities of the Caribbean. You can also visit the nearby beaches such as Mayapo, which you reach through the desert whose view is numerous indigenous ranches.

In Santa Marta you can visit the historic city that has churches and other buildings from the colonial era. There are also several beaches available, such as Rodadero and Taganga. The latter is particularly recognized for its bohemian lifestyle in which you will meet people from all over the world.

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4. Palomino beach and river

Palomino also has its own beach, and even a river, where you can bathe freely. The beach of Palomino is extensive, so you'll have plenty of room to choose where you want to sit down to rest or tan. There are always people passing that sell beer, coffee, sweets, among other things, so you do not have to worry about food. Also, towards one of the sides of the beach, there is a river that finishes on the sea, where you can go from cold salt water to hot fresh water with only a few steps. Finally, we recommend you to be careful with the tide of this beach, since towards the hours of the afternoon it can be very strong.

5. Eat, eat and eat

Last but not least, Palomino has a wide gastronomic offer that increases every day. On the road that leads to the beach, you can find restaurants of all kinds: seafood, Italian food, pizzerias, Arabic food, typical Colombian food and more. We particularly recommend seafood in restaurants that have more dishes to offer, since this way you ensure a wider menu and probably a better seasoning. As for drinks, you can try the churro, an artisanal drink with a very particular flavor that you will surely remember all your life


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