3 new services that are revolutionizing the technology industry

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In this new millennium, companies and products must adapt to technology. These are some services that are part of this world

3 new services that are revolutionizing the technology industry

The saddest thing to see the world evolve is to witness how mortals are attacked several people and companies that did not know how to adapt to change. Blockbuster and Tower Records, beloved and missed by millions of people, are one of the thousands and thousands of examples of death caused by not knowing how to adapt.

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Now there are new business models such as Airbnb and Uber, which threaten the traditional lodging and transportation services, respectively. Here are three technological advances that are putting several billionaire businesses at risk.

1. Military drones

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles for those who live under a stone, have taken over the world in this decade. While there are indications that this technology has been used since the nineteenth century (unmanned air balloons), its use was strictly military until the beginning of this millennium, when the general public was able to access these small devices that take off with several propellers and they are manned by remote control.

Before it was a privilege for the richest, but in this decade we have seen how these machines are becoming more affordable. Before it was surprising to see a tiny helicopter roaming the fields capturing images for a prestigious documentary or a Hollywood movie, now it is normal to see them in concerts and different locations.

We do not come to talk about the daily use of the drone, we are interested in how the war business is currently changing. While we said that since the nineteenth century there were unmanned aerial vehicles used in war and defense, lately it has been seen how drones can seriously rethink the war as such and render obsolete many things that were previously believed to be unmovable, such as helicopters of combat and even the vast majority of soldiers.

Currently, a swarm technology is being developed, so to speak, for drones to act autonomously, either to attack enemy targets or to mislead them. Swarm technology emulates those animals that flock but think autonomously, like bees. While they have a queen, the bees act by themselves to build the hive, pollinate, warn where there are flowers, among other actions of their own.

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In addition to minimizing human losses, drones mean a very low cost compared to the cost of a combat helicopter. However, there is a lot of skepticism about this, because to trust completely that the machines are autonomous, more than anything in the war, is a nightmare of people who have seen films like Terminator and have nightmares with an apocalypse led by the robots

The countries that are working hard on this are the United Kingdom, the United States, and South Korea. While almost everyone is contemplating this evolution of the war, these three nations are the ones that are leading the race

3 new services that are revolutionizing the technology industry

2. Streaming services

It's no secret to anyone that Netflix is hitting cable and satellite operators heavily. The only thing that Netflix needs to be able to beat the pulse of these traditional services are, among other specific broadcasts, news programs and live sports. However, this decade has seen the emergence of several legal streaming platforms that are giving the fight to traditional television.

DAZN, for example, appeared only a few years ago only in Austria, Switzerland, Japan, and Germany. It expanded to Canada, the United States, and Italy, and this year plans to be present in Spain and Brazil. Like Netflix, not all content is the same for all countries: some see hockey, others do not; some have the MLS, others do not, and so on. In the United States, he reached a monumental agreement to broadcast boxing, including a five-year, $ 365 million astronomical deal with Canelo Álvarez. 

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Two years ago, YouTube got into the business of television with YouTube TV, for now, exclusive of the United States. While the price is not far from operators such as Directv ($ 40), this service has the most channels offered by traditional satellite television, one is not at the mercy of schedules, as one sees the program of any channel when one You can even see it on your cell phone. One can also record everything, as there is no storage limit.

3 new services that are revolutionizing the technology industry

3. Robo advisor

The theft advisor is the robotic version of the stock broker but much cheaper and faster. Although this service was opened to the public in 2008 with Betterment, at the beginning of the millennium similar software was used exclusively for the larger bags house. 11 years later, there are already more than one hundred theft advisor services available to invest and effectively manage the portfolio. The services have several algorithms, from how much risk one is willing to take to automatic rebalancing.

This service almost does not require any human intervention, because the algorithm does everything and one must be aware of how the actions go. The great advantage of this is that it is cheaper than a broker. Brokers normally charge 15% of the portfolio, while robbery advisors charge less than 1%. The only disadvantage is that, as it works with algorithms, you will never explore further to get unusual business but that can end up being quite juicy.

3 new services that are revolutionizing the technology industry


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