Fedecajas: a family subsidy system that, in addition of being innovative, is a source of benefits

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In a circuit of collaboration and solidarity, this CCF union works for the benefit of the country

Fedecajas: a family subsidy system that, in addition of being innovative, is a source of benefits

Although you don't imagine it, Colombians and companies can work together for social progress. Did you know it? Thanks to the Family Subsidy System, a pioneering and dynamic mechanism that seeks the benefit of the Colombian population and in which you, as a worker and as a Colombian, will witness innovative policies and development programs within our country.

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  • What benefits do the Family Compensation Funds (CCF) provide?
  • How do they contribute to the progress of the Colombian regions?
  • Can the scope of CCFs go beyond geographical boundaries?

These concerns are answered by the work of the National Federation of Family Compensation Funds, FEDECAJAS, attached to the Family Subsidy System, a CCF group that manages projects under solidarity, commitment and the equitable distribution of family allowance.

Since 1980, the year in which it was founded, this organization has become an ally of the productive sector and a mediator between businessmen and communities. The tax contribution of companies (remember: the employer pays the equivalent of 4% of the value of the payroll) allows investment in social development, contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of Colombian workers, their families and even the population in a situation of extreme poverty and vulnerability through the management of the CCF through the provision of services and programs.

In an exclusive interview with LatinAmerican Post, Dr. Nurys del Carmen Hernández Espitia, Executive President of Fedecajas, explains that "the National Federation articulates with the Government the programs that the Compensation Funds will execute in each of the territories. we are attentive to anything that happens to this system because we must always look from the point of view that the CCFs form a unique system in the world, why? Because of the social development of thousands of millions of families in Colombia. social and economic development, of course".

Apart from strengthening this sector, Fedecajas has established itself as an agent for Colombian development. Programs and services of the Family Compensation Funds in tourism, housing, health, social credit, recreation, and sports are the focus of an encouraging scenario that, together with access to education and housing, seek to reduce the social gap within our country. "The Savings Banks arrive where it does not arrive, with their installed capacity, not even the State. The CCFs reach the most inhospitable areas of this country because of the diversity we have, "says Dr. Hernández.

Fedecajas: a family subsidy system that, in addition of being innovative, is a source of benefits

It's services

In order to strengthen and support the work of its 22 Family Compensation Funds, the objective of Fedecajas is based on:

  1. Counseling and Legal Consulting.
  2. Design and Execution of Projects.
  3. Training and qualification.
  4. Management before the National Government and the Congress of the Republic.

In addition, it has the Pila Fácil service, an authorized portal to quote contributions to health and pensions; occupational hazards; Affiliation to Family Compensation Funds and other electronic payments.

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FEDECAJAS in Colombia

Its presence in the Colombian territory is indisputable. Currently, this organization covers 63% of the country: in 22 departments with their respective Family Compensation Funds, executors of public policy and development, and in 21'246,730 people affiliated with the Family Subsidy System.

These figures are even more important if we highlight the work of the Family Compensation Funds linked to Fedecajas in certain regions, where access is usually of great difficulty and which have been home to vulnerable populations or victims of the Colombian armed conflict. Already in the territories, they are dedicated to developing projects and creating intervention methodologies that respond to their needs, creating spaces that affect the positive transformation of the quality of their inhabitants and fostering their social, economic and cultural progress. Simultaneously they focus on the empowerment of the community.

It is important to highlight, as Hernández points out, "the CCFs [federated by Fedecajas] not only serve population affiliated with the Compensation System, they serve the unaffiliated population as it is in the case of Foniñez: children from 0 to 6 years and from 7 to 18 years, with a complementary school day and attention to children".

Two examples of the work developed by the CCF of the Federation is the protection of the unemployed and the educational agreements. In the first case, "the CCFs have been working in alliance with the Ministry of Labor in the unemployment protection mechanism and actively participate in the generations of employment through job placement agencies", says the president of Fedecajas.

In the second case, Hernández emphasizes, "some international agreements have been signed with Montrer University, in Mexico, and with the University of Chile. What is sought? That this population of lower income can have access to virtual education, at low costs, subsidized costs of those people who receive less income. Those people through these agreements can receive very good training and that is a very good way also to contribute to the social and economic development of the country. "


Beyond the companies: the social aspect

Apart from the success in the execution of its programs through the management of the Family Compensation Funds, another of its achievements are its social services such as education and housing construction. Hernandez says that "education is the best weapon that can be given to a human being, an educated person is a free person, education makes man free."

The Amazon region, the Andean region and the Orinoquía are witnesses of this: in the municipalities of Leticia (Amazonas) and Puerto Carreño (Vichada), 394 dwellings of priority interest were built, while in the departments of Boyacá, Cundinamarca, and Meta, another 1176 dispersed rural social interest houses were built.

FEDECAJAS conducts national training meetings (which you can see on their YouTube channel) in which they approach citizens and allow you to know the benefits of this System while providing theoretical and practical information so that those attending these events can update knowledge and launch successful experiences.

And internationally?

Such is the scope and success of its model and services, that Fedecajas considers as a priority the alliance with international organizations of public and private nature that see in Colombia a potential location for its high impact and coverage projects. This is carried out together with the presence of the Federation through the affiliated CCFs.

The expertise of Fedecajas in the territories of our country facilitates the creation and implementation of international programs. Their experience, added to the recognition of the national government, certifies the quality of the CCF as administrators, executors, and distributors of resources.

Although Fedecajas has been a promoter and witness of national improvement projects, it is important to highlight the participation of companies, businessmen and citizens; all participants of a process of mutual support and agreement that allows the recognition of the guilds, the development of social programs and, of course, the progress of our country through them.

Dr. Nurys del Carmen Hernandez Espitia invites Colombians to "learn to live in harmony, in harmony, to respect the other. Also, to dream of a country away from this corruption, because that is definitely the biggest scourge we have. "

Do not leave aside their website, where you can learn about the development of the projects and the current situation of this organization.


LatinAmerican Post | Angela Maria Agudelo

Translated from "Un sistema de subsidio familiar que, además de innovador, es fuente de beneficios"

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