Ancestral Present: Latin America takes the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week

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For the first time there will be a 100% Latin American fashion show at the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week

Ancestral Present: Latin America takes the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week

On May 18, Latin America will take the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week catwalk with the Ancestral Presence parade. With the premise of "Latin America conquers Europe", this initiative is organized by Davily Partners and the Monagesca Association and seeks to make known 18 Latin American designers who are innovating in the world of fashion from a deep look at their past, their origins and their ancestors.

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Monte-Carlo Fashion Week

The fashion week in Monte-Carlo is recognized as the most important fashion event in the Monaco princedom, since it presents the collections of ready-to-wear (ready to wear), as well as haute couture more exclusive This year, the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week will take place from May 15 to 19 at the Fashion Village of the Chapiteau de Fontvieille, in Monte-Carlo. Normally, 30 to 40 brands participate in each edition.

Taking into account that the place where the event is held is recognized as a luxury setting, being one of the participating brands in this event is a great opportunity to open up in the fashion industry. It is even bigger for Latin American designers so that the great European circles put their attention on creativity and Latin American identity.

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This is the Ancestral Present

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about Presente Ancestral is that designers apply traditional techniques in their designs without neglecting the techniques of haute couture from Europe, which is why they acquire a very high cultural importance, in the sense in which garments become part of a tradition that has been maintained for generations.

The designers work hand in hand with artisans, which also projects the idea of the craftsman as a narrator of stories from his creations, an idea very typical of textile art in Latin America. Here, the most typical of Latin American culture meets fashion to generate a hybrid in which the cultural heritage of an entire region is preserved while at the same time being avant-garde to reach other levels.

We must ask ourselves if at some point this may lead to cultural appropriation, and if so, how this could be avoided in order to continue to respect these traditions for what they are: properly Latin American traditions. That's why the artisan's recognition is so important.

Present Ancestral is also a charity event, because, according to the Fashion Network portal, an auction of exclusive designs will be held and the money collected will go to the organization Kaalán Neék, "a project whose main objective is a rescue, biological reproduction and use of traditional seeds of the Mayan culture ".

According to Fashion Network, the brands that will participate in Presente Ancestral are: "Mildred Rubin and Carmen Rion from Mexico, Bad Sisters, Gender Clothing, Daniela Salcedo, Zurda Joyas, Ivan Grubessich, Pamela Båhre and Braided Cutemu from Chile, Waya Bags, New Cross and Glory Ang from Colombia, Ayni, Denise DeBakey and Ania Alvarez from Peru, Solipsi from El Salvador, Carmiñia Romero from Costa Rica and President Hats from Panama. "


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