Cultural agenda: the exhibitions that you can't miss

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We tell you about the artistic and cultural programming that you can't miss

Cultural agenda: the exhibitions that you can not miss

SINEDADES sample of Art and Health (Argentina)

In the framework of the International Health Day, as does the Community Unit of Health Dr. Jose Formenti monthly, this month the sample will be presented SINEDADES. A collective of artists that presents itself as Art and Health in Unity. Photographs, sculptures, paintings, and interventions are some of the artistic techniques that can be seen, plus they can be visited for several weeks until they are replaced by the next month's show, as stated by the website Tiempo Sur.

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The objective of this proposal, as reported by the portal of the Community Health Unit Dr. Jose Forment, is to work on issues that serve to build bonds of solidarity and sense of belonging among humans about health status. The portal TiempoSur affirms that this initiative began to take shape in 2015, and the idea is that waiting at health centers is less tedious and more pleasant, adding that space would be given to neighboring artists, with the idea that You can heal who enjoys art and who performs it, an idea that grew over time. An excellent proposal by this Unit that is concerned not only by the viewer but by the artist.

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To all, tode. Fight plan - Buenos Aires. Argentina

Until May of this year the exhibition Para todes, tode can be visited in the Cultural Center of Memory Haroldo Conti. Fight plan. In this exhibition, more than one hundred women and lesbian, trans, transvestite and non-binary artists, who from different parts of Argentina will meet at the Cultural Center, are participating.

The central theme of the exhibition is the desire, the awakening, sharing, sustaining and growing, and to expose that in the dark, cultural practices and what is done collectively is what illuminates, as stated by the Cultural Center portal. In this exhibition, you can enjoy other activities connected to the exhibition and the theme, among them: workshops, recitals, performances, screenings, poetry, and recitals, as stated by the same portal. Some of the participating artists are Gloria Polo (Formosa), Armando Bruno (GBA), María Rocha (Santiago el Estero) and Mariana Olivares (San Juan), among many others. Among the music that will also be presented are Flor Fränkel, Gabriela Bernasconi, Jael Valej and Laura Vázquez, among others. And of the projections that can be observed are Marilyn (Arg / Chile, 2018), Short Women Audiovisuals (MUA), Trans Identity Cycle: Bixa Travesty (Brazil, 2018), among others.



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