Sporting goods auctions: how much would you be willing to pay?

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Some sporting objects such as boots or stamps have reached exorbitant prices that exceed thousands of dollars

Sporting goods auctions: how much would you be willing to pay?

In the world of sports, there are many items that may cost a lot at auctions, either because they belonged to important athletes or because they were part of a significant moment. However, beyond trophies and medals, there are many objects that have cost millions, which, despite not being related to the practice of a sport, have also been auctioned for six figures amounts.

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World Championship Boot

After Brazil 2014 World Cup, the charity organization 'Un corazón para los niños' auctioned Mario Götze's left boot, with which the German player scored the only goal of the cup final and allowed Germany to become world champion. For this boot, 2 million dollars were paid, a figure that surprised the player. In addition, this money was destined for charitable purposes for the foundation, according to López Dóriga's blog.

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Tom Brady Card

Sports cards have become a treasure for sports collectors, mainly in the United States. A recent example was Tom Brady's rookie card, considered the best football player of all time. According to ESPN, only one hundred copies of these cards were printed, but only nine were certified by Beckett Grading Services (a company dedicated to the authentication of collectible cards). For this reason, Tom Brady's rookie card was auctioned for $ 400,100 in February 2019, making it the most expensive football card in history.

Soccer regulations


Although soccer is the sport with the most fans in the world, very few have read the regulations. However, the English team Sheffield FC, recognized by FIFA as the longest-running soccer club in history, decided to sell a soccer regulation that belonged to them and had helped to form the first rules of soccer during the nineteenth century. Known as "The Sheffield Laws", the paper was auctioned for USD $ 1,160,000. This money will be used by the team to finance various projects, according to the López Dóriga's blog.

Contract and receipt


If there is an MLB player who is considered a baseball legend and one of the best hitters in history, it is the American Babe Ruth, who is also an icon of the New York Yankees, a team he arrived in 1919 after being sold by the Boston Red Sox. According to Albat, that original contract and the receipt of the transaction was auctioned off in 2018 for the astronomical amount of USD $ 2,303,319.

The last Ferguson chewing gum

After 26 years as manager of the English soccer team Manchester United, 'Sir' Alex Ferguson is a figure of world soccer, and it was common for the Englishman to chew gum when he led the matches. The last chewing gum that he chewed in what would be the final game of Ferguson's career was auctioned on Ebay by the fan who picked up the gum after the English threw it, for which he received the incredible amount of 456,000 euros for a piece of chewing gum, according to Mundo Deportivo.


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