Samsung vs. Huawei: competing with the new releases

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Both companies launch in April 2019 several phones that will compete for being the most quoted in the market, emphasizing mainly in the camera and the battery.

Samsung vs. Huawei: compete with the new!

After the big launch of the S10, to celebrate the 10 years of the Samsung Galaxy S family, Huawei was not far behind and launched the new P30 in Paris, the direct competition of the S10. However, Samsung continues to launch smartphones, and in April it was the turn of the A family: 5 cell phones of this range will be launched on the market in the coming weeks to give a new life to these phones.

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The Smartphone that bet everything to the camera

The new P30 has the slogan #RewriteTheRules, especially in photographic terms. This new smartphone seeks to match the qualities of a professional camera, with sharpness, light, colors, and quality. The P30 Pro, the deluxe version, has a quadruple camera with sensor and zoom that will allow taking pictures even when the lighting conditions are scarce.

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The four cameras you will have will not only help the sharpness but also allow you to take pictures with two of them at once, showing both approaches on the screen. But the characteristics of the camera will not only compete with the professionals but also in terms of video. New features, such as a stabilizer to record videos, will make this a perfect experience to record, for example, in concerts or places with movement.

A new family

This Wednesday, April 10, Samsung breaks paradigms again, without taking advantage of the latest releases of Huawei, will launch in Brazil a new full family of smartphones.

According to the promotional video, the Galaxy J will become family A, being these two, the most standard of the brand. But being standard does not mean that they did not leave with all of the law. 'Built for the era of live' is the slogan of the new family, which seeks to make smartphones accessible and for anyone to feel identified with them. For now, two of them went to the market, the A30 and the A50.

The camera is one of its main bets. It has an 'Ultra Wide' camera, which allows you to take pictures at a wide angle and capture everything you see around you, ideal for landscapes, for example. You also have the option to blur the background, to give even more clarity to what you want to show. Cell phones use AMOLED technology, which allows great resolution when viewing photos and in general the screen, which also with its screen design that surrounds the cell phone, it is possible to see every detail.

But this is not all. The battery is designed for those who leave home all day and do not want to be disconnected ever. They increased the size so that their capacity lasted the whole day, not just a few hours. Also, the technology they use for the battery allows for faster charging.


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