Celebrities by which you may be encouraged to be vegan

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We present you with a list of vegan celebrities that might inspire you to join this movement too

Celebrities by which you may be encouraged to be vegan

Many celebrities conceive veganism as their secret to staying healthy and beautiful. Regardless of whether being a vegan is a direct cause of their good health and beauty, the truth is that these celebrities are proud of this aspect of their life and want to inspire you to join, whether for ethical or health reasons. Here they go.

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1. Mike Tyson


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That's right, the former heavyweight boxer has been on a vegan diet for two years and has said in interviews that this has improved his life exponentially. It helped him detoxify his body after years of drug use. Due to his weight, the ex-boxer needs a diet loaded with protein, which he has managed to carry while not eating any animal product.


2. Ellen Page


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The actress not only leads a completely vegan lifestyle (she doesn't eat animal products but also she doesn't consume any cosmetic product that has been tested on animals or have animal derivatives) but is also an activist of veganism. In her social networks, she promotes and inspires its followers to join this lifestyle and shares their doubts and beliefs. She has also dedicated herself to rethinking some myths of veganism and to answer doubts that her followers may have.


3. Usher


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His father died due to heart failure, which inspired the singer to change to a healthier lifestyle. Thus, he decided to become vegan in 2012 and, he says, his health has improved since then.


4. Beyoncé


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The singer decided to become a vegan in preparation for her presentation of Coachella 2018. In January of this year she asked her fans for support in veganism and she launched with her husband Jay-Z a challenge to become vegan in exchange for concert tickets as part of the GreenPrint campaign. The challenge was a 22-day vegan diet. His fans should not become completely vegan to enter the contest, they should only be guided by their recipe for breakfast with plants or make "meatless mondays". The idea of all this was to reduce the consumption of meat as much as possible.

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5. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth


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The pop singer is a fervent vegan activist and is a seasoned animalist. Her pets have inspired her to remain vegan since she made the decision in 2014. She has also dedicated herself to demystifying the false rumors about veganism and convinced her now husband, actor Liam Hemsworth, to also change to a vegan lifestyle.


6. Benedict Cumberbatch


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The Briton is also very committed to animals. He has a completely vegan diet that he talked a lot about in the interviews he did in the Avengers: Infinity War promotion. The actor also supports vegan clothing brands and is completely committed to sustainable fashion and 100% cruelty-free animal products.


7. Natalie Portman


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Natalie Portman is a vegan and animalist of old age. She is so committed to this fight that she is the narrator of the documentary Eating Animals, based on the homonymous book by Johnathan Safran Foer, in which the author explains the reasons that led him to stop eating other animal species.


8. Woody Harrelson


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Says the actor for the magazine InStyle that although today he considers himself an animalist, his veganism did not begin for ethical reasons but for health reasons. He is also a raw food so eat almost all raw, without cooking. He credits this with a lot of energy to work because he says that when he eats cooked food he feels how this takes away his energy. He is vegan since he is 24 years old.

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9. Ariana Grande


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The singer is vegan since 2013 when she announced to all her fans in a tweet that she would radically change her diet. She claimed that she did it partly for her health and for maintaining her figure but also for her infinite love of animals.


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