Films that influenced our wardrobes with their looks

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Some films have such a worked and polished costume design that they have influenced our wardrobes. Here some classics that created some fashion trends

Films that influenced our wardrobes with their looks

We introduce you here to some movies and series that with their costume design imposed trends in fashion and changed the way their audience dressed.

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Top Gun (1986)

The young pilot Maverick Mitchell, played by Tom Cruise, became a symbol of coolness while we saw him being attracted to his instructor in the air academy for pilots while creating a rivalry with another pilot. This pop culture classic influenced male fashion in many ways in the late eighties. Many will not remember what Top Gun is about, but no doubt it is clinging to the memory of everyone's Tom Cruise hairstyle, sometimes crazy and sometimes on the side and his dark aviator glasses. The pilot's aesthetics invaded the male closet with military green garments and patches with the United States flag and symbols of the Air Force.

Gossip Girl (2007-2012)

There was an obsession in the 2000s with rich teenagers' problems. Gossip Girl has its predecessor in The OC, a series that told the misfortunes and sufferings of a group of millionaire teenagers whose lives tremble with the arrival of a boy from another neighborhood. The OC was broadcast from 2003 to 2007. It was followed by Gossip Girl, which began airing in 2007, and then 90210, the remake of the nineties series, which began in 2008. These three series were a reflection of the glamorous life teenagers on the beaches of California and in New York City had. All three wore a 2000's aesthetic full of earrings and berets for women and jackets and shirts with vertical stripes and a raised collar for men. Gossip Girl in particular, unlike the other two, which were set in a very beachy setting, showed special interest in the city glamor of wearing miniskirts with boots down to the knee.

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Grease (1978)

The Grease phenomenon is curious. This 1978 film revived another decade: that of the fifties. Thus, the phenomenon of fashion that was a trend after this film was not due to a seventies aesthetic but to an earlier one that was reinterpreted with the trends of this era. Men began to use again the leather jackets worn by the rebel Danny Zuco, played by John Travolta, in the film. His quiff, like that of a 50's teenager, returned in the seventies with the habit of rolling up the sleeves of any garment. All this was part of the masculinity that was fashionable. The women, on the other hand, returned to long skater skirts that the innocent Australian Sandy Olson uses, interpreted by Olivia Newton-John.

Sex & The City (1998-2004, 2008, 2010)


It was broadcast for six years, from 1998 to 2004, on HBO. Then it was transformed into two films, one of 2008 and one of 2010. Sex and The City tells the life of glamorous women friends who live in New York City and their love affairs, sexual, work, etc. Again, it is a group of people who live a luxurious life in the capital of the world, but this time it is about adult women and not some teenagers. This is why the four friends dress differently and influence another audience. They, in addition, were adapted to the era to which they belonged. Always dressed as if they were going to attend a gala or a parade, friends never lose their glamor, nor when they go shopping in the market.

Clueless (1995)

This film, which challenges the stereotype of a silly, millionaire blonde girl, predicted in the half of the nineties the next millennium's tendencies. On the one hand, it is the real inventor of Beverly Hills rich teenagers' look, along with the original series Beverly Hills 90210, of course. On the other hand, while it is a very nineties film, it is also an appetizer of what would be the adolescent fashion of the 2000s that we would later see in the series that we mentioned above. Men, then, have a wide skateboard tennis aesthetic, shorts and loose-fitting pants that show underpants. Women wear extravagant hats, miniskirts, and midriff shirts. No doubt Clueless meant a transition from one fashion to another.

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