Everything we know about the new season of Stranger Things

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Netflix finally released the official trailer Stranger Things' third season and internet is going crazy with theories about the plot and the characters. Here we tell you

Everything we know about the new season of Stranger Things

In July 2016, we watched the first season of this eighties series that stoked the nostalgia of the elderly at the time that showed a time that did not know the little ones. An adult series starring children did not seem viable until Netflix took it and knew how to produce it.

There are already two seasons of this boom of tenderness and laughter that cause the group of friends, who ride bikes and play Dungeons and Dragons in Hawkings, Indiana. These days, Netflix launched the official trailer of the third season and announced its launch on July 4 of this year, day in which, in addition, the events that we will see on the screen take place.

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What will it be about?

Unlike the other two seasons, which took place on Halloween and were released in October, this third season will radically change the time of year. It will be set in the summer of 1985, so the colors and the scenarios, which were previously dark due to autumn and being a night of witches, will change completely.

Since children do not attend school during the holidays, the scenarios will be transferred to the Hawkings pool and the shopping center where Steven works. We will not see more scenes on the basketball court of the school but rather in the shops of a mall and ice cream shops.

In the trailer we can also see an amusement fair, typical of the towns of the United States in summer and pyrotechnic games on the occasion of independence day, which will be the date on which the third season will premiere. Finally, we also see many US flags and demonstrations scenes, so we might suspect that there will be, again, a clear political context, which made it much needed to the second season.

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The trailer shows us again the group of friends, with the addition of Max, the other girl we met in the second season. We see them grown but forcibly infantilized with a wardrobe, accessories, and hairstyles that show them as children although it is obvious that they are already teenagers.

Girls, on the other hand, we do see them with the age they really have. No wonder: after the boom of the first season's great season, the hypersexualisation of Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven and who was only 12 years old at that time, was unstoppable. It is noteworthy, then, the effort made by the series to make girls look like adolescents at the same time that infantilizes children (Gaten Matarazzo is now 16 years old and in the series has not yet gotten his teeth out).

We will have to see how the series manages to show us the touching story of love between Eleven and Mike, if one is a teenager and the other is still a child. It will also be necessary to see if the series will offer us some development in the characters, a growth, or if it will apply the same formula of the disappointing second season in which all the children were the same character.



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What are we waiting for?

We will also watched, again, many eighties references. There will be, as always in Stranger Things, very good music, a lot of Bowie. In the series, there will be a lot of neon, many colors, a lot of frost and brightness. We will have in this new season, without a doubt, beautiful scenes. However, will this suffice to satisfy us?

The second season was characterized by a poor narrative and free references that did not contribute to the plot. It was seen how desperate is Netflix to spend budget in an infertile nostalgia that went well in the first season but was not effective in the second (and this was followed by the nefarious chapter "San Junípero" by Black Mirror and its subsequent film, and Sex Education and The End Of The F * cking World, etc).

Netflix will have to take care, also, that this nostalgia begins to become artificial and stops being organic and natural, as it was in the first season. The characters begin to be disguised rather than set in their own time. It will also have to offer us a good story, because with fireworks he will not convince us.


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