3 technological advances that will improve your health

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Advances in health are solving everyday problems that previously seemed impossible or too expensive

3 technological advances that will improve your health

Increasingly there are technological advances in health that make our lives easier. As health is one of the fundamental rights of humanity, this research sector is among the most financed, although there are some exceptions where, due to corruption or lack of resources, public health is neglected.

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Here are three breakthroughs that are improving public health and will soon be available around the world at affordable prices.

1. Sensors that monitor wounds

While this invention does not directly help to heal the lesions, its function is to watch how the wound is healing and how it is reacting to contact with chemicals. Those responsible for this are researchers from the University of Birmingham, in the state of New York.

With this information, the user will know what can and should not be consumed after the injury; In other words, you will know how to take better care of yourself and in real time you will know how the scar is progressing.

It should be noted, as highlighted by EruekAlert, that this invention still needs a lot of work because the goal of the researchers is that this technological advance can monitor not only all kinds of wounds, infections, and diseases but the physical state of the user.

These biosensors combine a biological component with physiochemical detectors that manage to analyze the reaction that the body has with a chemical substance. For now, what has been achieved is that this technology monitors lactic acid and oxygen in the skin.

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Physically they are small sensors stuck to adhesive bandages and manage to monitor small lacerations and other superficial wounds, but researchers are still working to be able to take out a sensor that leads to control those above.

2. Light therapy to treat eye problems

Scientists in Cincinnati recently discovered a light-dependent molecular pathway that participates in the creation of blood vessels in the eyes. This pathway, identified as opsin 5-dopamine, is directly related to the development of the human eye and would be vital in preventing diseases and eye conditions, such as famous myopia or hyperopia.

When implementing light therapy in premature babies, the eye blood vessels will develop well so that the eye is prepared and perform its functions without difficulty.

The research is a collaboration of institutions in the United States and the Czech Republic led by the team of Richard Lang, director of the Visual Systems Group of Children's Hospital of Cincinnati and chief investigator of this development.

3. Prevention of gastrointestinal disorders

If you are always complaining about gastritis, you have digestive problems and in general suffer from your gastrointestinal tract, pay attention. Researchers in Ghent, Belgium, have designed antibodies that would help fight several of the gastrointestinal disorders that plague a large part of the human population.

While the use of antibodies to treat various diseases and disorders is nothing new, most of their intakes were oral. For this same reason, the digestive torture could not be addressed, because in the digestion they found their instantaneous death.

One would think that the solution would be other management methods, such as needles and even as suppositories, but these solutions require quite expensive and complicated purifications and modifications for the antibodies to reach the intestine.

The Belgian researchers, named Nico Callewaert, Ann Depicker, and Henri De Greve, discovered a simple and inexpensive way to protect the antibodies so they can survive digestion and reach the intestine to treat various diseases: soybeans or yeast cells, similar to the process of different food preparations. The result is a powder that is easy to manufacture and consume, robust enough to protect the antibodies in the digestion.


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