5 musical documentaries that you can watch on Netflix while you wait for Beyoncé's

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Taking into account Homecoming's trailer release, which documents the path of Beyoncé in Coachella, we bring you this list of musical documentaries on Netflix

5 musical documentaries that you can watch on Netflix while you wait for Beyoncé's

There is only a week left before Homecomings' premiere. The documentary, which reaches Netflix platform's global catalog on April 17, was made by Beyoncé herself. In it, she will show her way and her time at Coachella 2018, and how she pays homage to the university experience of being black in the United States. The documentary will feature scenes from behind the scenes and archive of the singer's rehearsals with her dancers. We can also see something of his personal and family life, and how it works when she is preparing for a show of Coachella's level. We will see all this while we also see how this show at one of the most important music festivals was built as an ode to the traditionally black universities of her country. Thus, this documentary will be in itself a tribute not only to its director, but to the black culture in general.

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We bring you here a list of documentaries that revolve around the music industry and that you can see this Easter while waiting for Homecoming's premiere.

Quincy, 2018

Made by his daughter Rashida, this documentary from last year revolves around the life of Quincy Jones. Quincy explores his different facets as an artist, musician, producer, and father of a family. Although it is evidently uncritical given that it is made by his own daughter, Quincy makes the most of this intimate look of a daughter who admires her father. We see him young and we see him old. It is a documentary not only about the life of this great musician and producer, but also about the music industry and all the work that has required making songs that sound on the radio.

Gaga: Five Foot Two, 2017

This is perhaps closer to Homecoming, as you will also see a pop star preparing for one of the most important shows of her career. You will see Lady Gaga doing a record while preparing for the Super Bowl's part-time show. Unlike Quincy, focused on a behind-the-scenes music professional, this documentary will show you all the work of who is in the spotlight.

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ReMastered: Who Shot the Sheriff, 2018

Another look of the music industry. In 1976, Bob Marley survives an assassination attempt amid a confrontation between political groups in Jamaica. This documentary of only 57 minutes explores the relationship between music and politics and revolves around the figure of the icon of reggae and how their music, which today does not sound so political but rather generic, was, at the time, a message very political that the singer was not interested in hiding.

FYRE: The most exclusive party that ever happened, 2019


This documentary shows, through images of social networks and interviews with the organizers, how the failure of the Fyre Festival was constituted, an event that would be the most exclusive and luxurious music festival and turned out to be a fraud. In addition to the crazy story behind this, this documentary shows a bit of how the festival business works and all the efforts that need to be made to organize one. It also shows the naive way in which the public believed in social networks and influencers when blindly trusting a festival that would prove to be a failure.

What Happened, Miss Simone?, 2015


Again, a documentary about the life of a great musician. This time it's about Nina Simone, the singer, and pianist who changed Soul music. This biographical documentary explores other facets of the star through unpublished archival material and the lyrics of her songs. It let us see the genius of the artist while showing her most intimate and out-of-herself side, even at the end of her life. It was nominated for the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature.

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