Tips to visit a book fair

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Next week, two major book fairs begin: Bogotá and Buenos Aires. Here are some recommendations to get the best experience

Tips to visit a book fair

Next week, Latin America will be present at two of its most important book fairs currently: Bogotá and Buenos Aires. Both begin on Thursday the 25th, the one in Bogotá ends on May 6 and the one in Buenos Aires a week later, on Monday the 13th. These spaces are ideal for both those addicted to reading, and casual readers are looking for a seduce a book for some ride. In other words, these events are not only for the small niche of fervent readers respective to each country but also for the person who from time to time grabs a book.

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While the reading rates of both Colombia and Argentina are not the best worldwide, both fairs receive a vast number of attendees worthy of belonging to countries where people read a weekly book. Last year, about 575,000 people attended the FILBO according to El Tiempo, while in its Buenos Aires counterpart the figures are 1,180,000 attendees.

Being such a busy and attractive plan for many, here are some tips to give you the best possible experience and, if it is your first time as an assistant, do not get distracted by a wrong time.

1. Save and carry enough money

If you are not a fan of reading and are comfortable with just looking there, skip this advice. On the other hand, if you suffer seeing limited editions, are fanzines lover, want to take a memory of a guest writer or is a compulsive culture buyer, carry the fat wallet. There is nothing sadder than suffering to see beautiful books and not have a burden to pay for them.

2. Carry a bag

This recommendation is linked to the first. Although the majority of present bookstores give the option of carrying a bag with the purchase, most are plastic, and I think we do not need to remind you that in the present it is indispensable to think of solutions to counteract the excessive use of plastic.

3. Wear comfortable walking shoes

No heels or moccasins. If you want to spend most of the day at the fair, going from the pavilion to pavilion, the idea is to wear comfortable tennis shoes.

4. Arrive early on weekends and at the end of the fair

You already know that these fairs are quite crowded, so you can imagine the unbearable amount of people who plan to go on weekends. To not last long in the line entering or visiting unique pavilions, it is better to go early. About the end of the fair, we recommend it because usually, the bookstores that did not sell much will offer several discounts to be able to sell everything, or at least almost everything. If you arrive late, you will most likely miss out on the best deals on the best products.

Tips to visit a book fair

5. Find out from before the talks and events to plan the days

This recommendation may be obvious, but we can not assume that all future attendees, especially the primiparous, expect and go one day at random to see what they are. Both fairs have more than 1,500 cultural events, including lectures, conferences, presentations, and even small concerts. Impossible that there is no writer that you admire, a conference on a topic that interests you or a presentation of a book that catches your attention. This recommendation goes so that they know what days to go, what time to go and, if it is a popular event, to arrive early so as not to be left out.

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6. Meeting of friends

If one plans to meet friends at the fair, it is essential to know that the telephone signal in the area, both in Buenos Aires and Bogotá, is not very good due to the high concentration of people. The ideal would be either to be outside or to set a meeting point at a specific time.

7. Signature of books

It is always good to investigate which authors go to the fair to see if one has one of their authorship to sign it. An autograph value the book, it is a pleasant memory, and a signed book is a great gift for a loved one and also encourages a friendly conversation with the author.

Tips to visit a book fair

8. Bring food and hydration

By hosting so many people, the food court will always be full. There will be a lot of rows unless it's too early or too late, so finding a table will be a bit difficult. For this reason, we recommend from the house to make a lunch box, eat outside next to the fairs or at the exit, if one does not plan to be inside all day. On the water, we always recommend it, even if it's not summer in Buenos Aires, never cool off, more if you plan to last a long day inside.

9. Talk with booksellers

They know everything. If one goes half lost and does not know what book to take, the bookseller will get him out of that predicament, even if that person does not sell it, he refers it to one where he can find what interests him.


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