Why are the shirts removed in professional sports?

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Regarding the recent jersey removals of ex-players Chris Bosh and Manu Ginobilli in the NBA, we offer you some details of the origin of this tradition

Why are the shirts removed in professional sports?
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At the end of March, the San Antonio Spurs had an unprecedented event, both for their team and for the entire American basketball federation. According to Infobae, before the Spurs faced the Cleveland Cavaliers, a match won by San Antonio, the team paid tribute to the Argentine Manú Ginobilli.

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The reason? Well, during his 16 years of basketball career, the Argentinian won 4 championships in the years 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2014. At the AT & T Center, the replica of the shirt number 20, Ginóbelli's prefered number, was shown. In addition, the Banner with the name and number of Manú was installed and the trophies won in his campaigns were exhibited. Finally, at the ceremony, the flag of Argentina was raised for the first time, just as the southern anthem was heard; a worthy tribute to his passage in the San Antonio Spurs.

Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat

Chrish Bosh, an NBA giant along with names like Le Bron James or Dwayne Wade, was honored with a heartfelt tribute to his retirement from the league that saw him grow. According to La Nación, Bosh has been awarded several times, so "Bosh is one of the most successful players in the league in recent years, with 11 appearances in the All-Stars, a two-time Heat and a gold medal with the United States. He arrived in the year 2010 to the team from the Toronto Raptors, forming part of the formidable trident known as the 'Big 3', which was 4 seasons together and won 2 championships, one of them in an impressive series against San Antonio".

The Miami Heat team, his last team, made a great tribute at the American Airlines Arena, before the game against Orlando Magics. As stated in the previous newspaper, Bosh recited his last speech before his followers, followed by the presentation of the shirt number 1, a shirt that will not be used again in this team from Florida. But what is the origin of this tradition?

Canada has the answer

While the removal of the shirts is more visible in the NBA, its origin dates back to the 1930s in the Canadian hockey league. As Tele 13 reported, it all started when a Toronto Maple Leafs player, Aca Bailey, was attacked by another rival. In a game played in 1933, the Maple Leafs faced the Boston Briuns, a show that had an unfortunate outcome.

The American player Eddie Shore attacked, by a misunderstanding, the Canadian player and, in his onslaught, Bailey fell in the dry ice fracturing the skull. This injury left him out of the field forever. After some days, and with his physical recovery, the Toronto team decided to organize a charity match in favor of its star. In this game, in an unprecedented act, Bailey's number 6 shirt was shown to the entire stadium in a banner, with the slogan that no one else could use the number of this jersey in the future. This tradition has been maintained to this day, mainly in sports or professional leagues in the United States.


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