What to play in the car while traveling with your children?

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Traveling can become tedious because of the long hours in the car. Here we bring you 5 games to enjoy with your children

What to play in the car while traveling with your children?

Road trips can be an unforgettable experience for the whole family. To make it more fun and that the little ones do not get bored or despair over the long journey, here we bring you five games that you can use to have fun as a family.

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1. I see with my little eye

Unlike traveling by plane, transport by car, bus, or train gives us the opportunity to see different places and know many things. Therefore, this game is perfect and everyone will have fun playing it. It is very easy, each person will have a turn and must give clues about the object that others must guess.

For example, you may have seen a flock of sheep on the side of the road; you will have to tell your companions "I see with my little eye a woolly and white animal, what is it?". The rest of the group must guess and whoever guesses will describe the next object. You can put a limit of questions and time to make it even more interesting.

2. Broken phone

If you want to add more excitement to your trip and that the laughter increases, you can play the Broken Phone. You should think of a funny message that you will then whisper to your companions. In the end, you should see if the message is correct and who distorted it. If you identify who misunderstood the message and gave it distorted to the rest, you can put funny penances.

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3. Karaoke

Trips without music can become a torment. That's why the songs of the journey will be fundamental to avoid falling into total boredom. But beyond just putting music, you can play karaoke and put more fun to the trip.

It is very easy to play, you just have to put a song and choose who will sing it. At a certain moment, you should turn down the volume and then raise it again to see if the person hits the time and the letter. 

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4. Memory

With this game you can put into practice your ability to remember and you can play with many categories. For example, if you go on a picnic you can play what everyone brings to the event. The funny thing is that you will not only say what you have brought to the picnic, but what others have said before. Lose the one who cannot remember all the objects.

5. Stone, paper, scissors

This simple and fun game will never go out of fashion. You can even play it to define who will have the first turn in the other games we have described. It is very easy, you should only say "stone, paper, scissors" and with your hands make the corresponding mimic. Remember that stone beats scissors; paper beats stone; and scissors beats paper.


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