Game of Thrones: the main differences between the books and the series

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The new and final season of Game of Thrones is already in progress, but the books still do not reach this stage. We present you the main differences between the books and the series

Game of Thrones: the main differences between the books and the series

Game of Thrones premiered on April 10, 2011, on HBO. This series, cataloged by many people as one of the best in history, is based on the book series of Song of Ice and Fire, by George RR Martin.

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However, the books -which have a large number of pages- have been elaborated for a long time. Then, what everyone expected but no one wanted to happen: the series reached and even exceeded the path of the novels so that we see the final season of the series while there are still two deliveries on paper.

The Universal collected a statement from its author, George RR Martin, which ensures that both endings will be different. This is due to a couple of reasons: first, the apparent issue of book delays. Then we can also highlight that the author always wanted to give a "surprise effect" to the readers, in such a way that evidence changes in both formats. But it is also a matter of condensation: it would be impossible to hold all the information of approximately 800 pages of each book in nearly 10 chapters per season.

Let's see, then, the main differences between the books and the Game of Thrones series. Of course, there is spoiler alert.

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What happens with the Targaryen?

At the beginning of the series, we had two members of the Targaryen family still alive: the brothers Daenerys and Viserys. After the last one died at the hands of Khal Drogo, only she remained as an aspirant to the throne.

Well, in the last chapters of the seventh season we discovered that Jon Snow is a member of the dynasty famous for dominating the dragons. His real name is Aegon Targaryen: the true heir of the Iron Throne (since he is the firstborn son of Rhaegar, his father, son of the Mad King).

However, in the books, Aegon Targaryen is also alive... although it is not Jon Snow. Tyrion, during the book Dance of Dragons, is sent to Meereen, after his escape from King's Landing. There he meets Aegon himself, who had previously been found by Varys, who took charge of his education.

What happens with the Stark?

As you well know, the Red Wedding event claimed many lives of this family. However, the fundamental difference is in the reappearance of one of its banners: Catelyn Stark.

The corpse of this important woman was found by Beric Dondarrion, who gives his life for hers. To get it, he decided to give it a "magical kiss." This action turned her into a zombie that will lead the Brotherhood without Banners, in charge of assassinating any Bolton, Frey or Lannister -families in charge of betraying and ending the Stark in the Red Wedding- that cross their path.

Although it does not seem so important, there was also a change regarding the victims of The Red Wedding. In the series, Talisa, wife of Robb Stark - son of Catelyn -, is killed in a ruthless scene, where the belly that carries a future baby is knifed. Well, in the books, this character survives (although his name there is Jeyne), since he never attended the event.

What happens with the Lannister?

In this case, we must locate ourselves geographically in the Dorne territory. The main difference is with the character of Myrcella, daughter of incest between the brothers Jaime and Cersei of the House Lannister.


The blonde girl is living in these lands in both formats of the saga. However, the difference is given as to their situation: in the series, is poisoned by Ellaria Sand, to avenge the death of Oberyn Martell, his partner, who was brutally killed by The Mountain.

In books, on the other hand, she is alive. And not only that: she is also one of the aspirants to the crown of Dorne, since some characters do not view with good eyes the passivity before specific warlike issues of the current monarch, which is why they plan their ascent towards the command of the territory.

As we have mentioned, they are just one of the many differences in both stories. What we know is that, inevitably, the journey between what is left of the season of the series will vary a lot concerning the future plots of the books.


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