Soccer: a point of interest for commercial and sports alliances

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In Colombia, the Dimayor and the Rappi brand recently established a commercial link. Here we review this and other similar cases in the region and in the world

Soccer: a point of interest for commercial and sports alliances

Soccer always generates interest for being a massive spectacle. Many times it is a vehicle to strengthen ties and promote products and services, that is, commercial brands. Recently, at the headquarters of the Colombian Soccer Federation (FCF), the Dimayor (the entity that governs the league in that country) and Rappi announced an alliance in favor of the fans, who are looking for new experiences.

Jorge Enrique Velez, president of the governing body of professional soccer, and Sebastián Ruales, commercial director of the digital application, explained that, among many other initiatives, the aim is to implement digital ticketing that allows fans to acquire their ticket for the game through the application, and that these tickets would be displayed as a QR code.

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At the press conference that Latin American Post attended, it was pointed out that Rappi will have a button called 'soccer' on the mobiles, through which fans can buy gifts. In addition, fans themselves will have the opportunity to ask for food and beverages through the application and that these orders come directly to their chair in the Rappi area, a space that will be designed in all stadiums for those who wish to live this experience.

Finally, other objectives of the Dimayor and Rappi is that fans can acquire digitally the official items of their favorite clubs, as long as they are integrated into the proposed initiative. Names like América, Deportivo Cali, Atlético Nacional, Independiente Medellin, Millonarios, Santa Fe and Real Cartagena are the ones that have shown the most interest in the project in this first stage. The project would begin its application from the quadrangular phase of the current championship, assured El Espectador.

Next, we review other cases of alliances, different and similar, that have recently been implemented in various leagues in Latin America and also in the prestigious League of Spain.

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Liga MX with MLS and Toyota

According to El Universal, the Mexican League has recently signed a purely sporting alliance with the Major League Soccer (MLS) counterpart, which establishes that its teams compete in different categories against those of the United States. The first step was the Copa Campeones, a match between the annual champions of each league, and that is already being extended to the minor categories and basic forces.

In turn, 90 minutes reflects that the América club always seeks to be at the forefront and compete with the best in the world. Therefore, 'Las aguilas' (The eagles) established an agreement with the international brand Toyota Motor North America, who is now a sponsor of the club in the American Union, because the team crossed the border and is already one of the most followed in the United States.

Through a statement from the América, it was reported that the main objective of this alliance is to give greater access to the club's fans through content that involves players, advertising campaigns, as well as social and digital experiences.

Mauricio Culebro, president of the club, said to 90 minutes: "Toyota understands the passion that soccer generates as a key point and sees the value of connecting with our fans during the Águila Tour." One more sample of what this sport is capable of and why several commercial brands see it as a springboard, even foreign companies that want to enter new markets.

Superliga Argentina with Fox Turner

Infobae reflected that Fox-Turner made the most tempting proposal for the Argentinian Soccer Association (AFA) and that, therefore, was awarded the television rights of professional soccer in that country. The announcement was made official by the AFA on social networks.

The investment of Fox-Turner is important, around 4200 million pesos, a number that will increase each season, being the highest the third and fourth year of contract respectively. This first contract is for five years.

The same media indicates that the other two offers were from ESPN and MediaPro, but that the AFA was advised by the president of Boca Juniors, Daniel Angelici, who turned to the renowned economist Daniel Artana and the prestigious law firm Bruchou, which suggested Fox-Turner's offer.

In the case of the tender, the companies had to comply with the conditions laid down by the AFA: a pay in advance of 1200 million pesos and an annual amount not less than 3000 million pesos. With the new agreement, the transmissions of the program Fútbol para Todos, a project of the state that took over the transmissions since 2009 and that extended until 2019, are closed, Infobae affirmed.


La Liga with Microsoft

The Spanish soccer league recently presented a 'global alliance' with the US computer company Microsoft with the aim of developing applications and online services that bring clubs closer to their fans, something similar to what is going to be done in Colombia.

The parties involved limited themselves to informing that the agreement of offers and adapted products will last "for many years", so they did not give a specific settlement date, according to Gestión. "We want to have information about their preferences to provide experiences and achieve greater loyalty, beyond the 90 minutes of the game," said the president of La Liga, Javier Tebas.

Gestión indicated that the digital applications that make up the agreement were not talked about exactly, but they did talk about artificial intelligence (bot) capable of interacting with fans. "There are hundreds of examples, if I know there is a Miami fan who likes the Éibar, I can send him a personalized video of the Éibar, products of the Éibar, and participate in raffles to see the Éibar, or give him information about the interview", Thebes finished.


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