How to practice co-sleeping safely

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The practice of sleeping with your baby is a parenting option that provides incredible benefits, but for this, it is important that you take some safety measures

How to practice co-sleeping safely

What is co-sleeping?

It is necessary that we first know what co-sleeping is about. It is a family practice in which the baby sleeps with his parents. This definition has two points of view. It may be that the children sleep in the same room but their crib or bassinet. Or also to sleep in the same bed.

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This is a natural practice and well known in many countries for centuries, but which is now becoming more common. Modern parents share their experience of co-sleeping and even recommend it.

We are mammals, and it is logical that we require contact with our mother to be more comfortable and safe. Besides, this also plays a significant role in the hormonal levels of both the child and the mother.

What are the benefits of practicing co-sleeping

Colechar brings significant advantages among them:

  • Build a strong emotional bond between the parents and the child.
  • It facilitates breastfeeding as it becomes more comfortable for nighttime drinking.
  • Reduces the risk of the sudden death of the newborn.
  • It favors the tranquility of the baby by facilitating sleep and preventing it from waking up regularly.
  • It helps the thermal synchrony. That is, babies better regulate their temperature by being in skin-to-skin contact with the mother.

Recommendations to practice co-sleeping safely

An essential thing when choosing to sleep with your baby is to take some precautions. According to the UNICEF guide sharing the bed with your baby, here are some tips for practicing co-sleeping safely.

  • The space of the bed where the baby will sleep should be clear of cushions, stuffed animals or pillows.
  • The ideal position for the baby is near the mother's breast.
  • If you are going to cover the baby with the quilt, it is essential to make sure it is only up to the waist. It should not cover it completely.
  • It is recommended that you wrap the child with some well-padded pajamas instead of blankets or objects that hinder their breathing.
  • It is advised that babies sleep on a flat, clean surface.
  • None of the parents can be under the influence of alcohol, and it is recommended that they do not smoke either.
  • Consider one side of the safe bed where there is no risk of falling or getting stuck in a hole.
  • People who are medicated with sleeping pills or suffer from extreme tiredness are not recommended for this practice because they have less ability to react when sleeping with the baby.
  • It is also vital that long-haired parents pick it up to avoid an accident.
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These are some of the safety measures you can use to sleep with your baby. A recommended favorable rest option until 3 or 5 years maximum.

To decide to sleep with the baby is something that you should do as a family. Or the most reasonable with your partner. As parents, you determine what works best in raising the baby. They are free to choose and try different methods. Raising a child is a unique moment where everyone should be happy.


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