This is the Argentinian who changed the goalkeeper gloves for the boxing ones

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His name is Pablo Migliore, an athlete who after retiring from soccer, the most popular sport in his country, now tries to be a figure in boxing

This is the Argentinian who changed the goalkeeper gloves for the boxing ones

The former Argentinian goalkeeper, Pablo Migliore, decided to hang up the goalkeeper gloves and leaned for the boxing ones in which he is acting as an amateur. He made his debut in March of this year and had the opportunity to defeat Diego 'El Macho' Merlo in the first round after a four round bout.

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One of Migliore's biggest goals is to obtain the license of the Argentinian Boxing Federation (FAB), although he still needs more experience. "I could not box when I played soccer. How can I do a parallel race while I was in Boca or Racing,"Pablo told El Clarín newspaper.

He also told the media that he does not intend to have the FAB license just for having it and that he wants to fight against the FAB fighters. With 37 years of age, the ex-goalkeeper sees no impediment to setting sports goals and sees in them the possibility of continuing to make history.

"What I know is that on Monday at six in the morning, I return to the gym to prepare for the next fight," Migliore told La Nación newspaper. Likewise, Migliore affirmed to the aforementioned media that he changed his life by having found something that he is passionate about as much as soccer.

LatinAmerican Post analyzes the history of this ex-goalkeeper that left the soccer goal and changed it into a boxing ring that generates passion and enthusiasm.

Many expectations

After what he has been doing, he hopes to make a productive and fruitful career that will leave a mark on pugilism. "Boxing is a strong contact sport, you need to have character and discipline, much more than in soccer," Pablo told Infobae.

'El Loco', as he is known, knew how to excel in soccer and retired in 2018, after wearing the shirt of Barrancas Central in the First B. In his social networks, he has been responsible for sharing each of his training rounds and the way he has prepared for his battles.

In addition, he considers that he has a fairly high profile, which gives him a well-known personality to face any fighter in a great way. He argued that everyone will want to seek a victory against him, due to his conditions and the great talent he intends to impose in the ring.

His career as a soccer player began in 2002 wearing the Germinal de Rawson jersey. Then he played in Huracán, Boca, Racing, San Lorenzo. He also played in clubs such as Dinamo de Zagreb and Penarol of Uruguay, and in promotion teams such as Almirante Brown and Paraná.

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Problems with the law

He was in prison for 45 days in 2013, after a homicide in which he was accused of covering up the Boca Juniors fan, Maximiliano Mazzaro. He was arrested in the dressing room of the Nuevo Gasómetro stadium in San Lorenzo, when they had finished one of the 'gaucho' championship matches.

After those days in prison, the boxer paid bail of one and a half million Argentinian pesos, and was later released. He has not been judged. El Observador told him that he was surprised by the treatment he received from a Colombian drug trafficker who supported him a lot.

"The guy offered me his services to kill someone. He told me to give me a name and to be calm if he appears or not," Pablo told the media. He said he had all kinds of luxuries in prison, as they gave him tablets, cell phones, and employees granted him all his wishes.

He pointed out to Tn that he was received by inmates in Huracán's uniform, they gave him phone cards and a bleach bottle with whiskey. It was one of the toughest experiences he faced, but now with boxing he hopes to demonstrate the conditions he showed behind the bars.

"I'll be honest. I did not want him to fight but he reinvented himself and I'm going to support him," Gloria, his mother, told Super Deportivo. His first fight was attended by more than 500 people, including family and friends. Many of them had shirts of the teams in which he played.


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