3 influential Latin American women in the art world

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These are some of the most influential Latin American women in the art world

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There are several Latin American women who, through their management, influence the artistic environment in a positive way. Then we tell you what are some of them.

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Gloria Zea (Colombia)

Her death on March 11 left an indelible legacy in the art world in Colombia: Gloria Zea was an institution in cultural management in Colombia. Among the efforts, was the direction of the Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá (MAMBO) for forty-seven years, it was thanks to her that this institution came to be what it is, according to the website of Semana. She also founded the Opera de Colombia, which carried out an alliance with the Teatro Julio Mario Santo Domingo, which was a success because they carried out several productions, according to the same portal.


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Amalia Hernández (Mexico)

The Mexican is perhaps one of the most recognized women in her country and worldwide since in 1952 she formed her own company that is now one of the most important shows, the Folkloric Ballet of Mexico, which is an obligation to attend if you visit this country. According to what the Ballet website publishes, in 1959 the Ballet represented Mexico at the Pan American Games in Chicago, United States. After this presentation, the result gave another level to the ballet and the then president of Mexico, Adolfo López Mateos, announced his offer to turn this into the best Ballet in the world. Amalia Hernández achieved that every Sunday performances of her show took place at the Palace of Fine Arts Theater and to this day she is continuously presented in this artistic and theatrical space.


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Ella Fontanals - Cisneros (Cuba)

Ella Fontanals was born in Cuba in 1944 and later, after the Cuban Revolution in 1959, she emigrated to Venezuela with her family. She is a Cuban philanthropist and businesswoman famous for being not only the owner of one of the most important collections of Latin American art but also because she founded and is president of the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation located in the city of Miami, which aim to support and generate cultural understanding as well as an educational dialogue between Latin American artists and global audiences, as published by the foundation's portal. Among its possessions, you can find 3,300 pieces of art according to a report from the portal arteinformado.com.


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Translated from "3 mujeres latinoamericanas influyentes en el mundo del arte"

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