A protocol baby: the rules for the birth of the royal baby

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A few days after the birth of the baby of the dukes of Sussex we tell you some rules that Harry and Meghan should follow in the protocol of the birth of their baby

A protocol baby: the rules for the birth of the real baby

It is rumored that Meghan Markle is about to give birth. About a year ago Kate and William's third baby was also born. Every year there has been a real baby that fills the front pages of the UK press. Now it's the turn of the dukes of Sussex, who have been known to break some rules since they are a couple. It is the first time that a biracial divorced American belongs to the royal family and this has made the protocols change a bit and has given a certain diversity to the palaces of England. However, when it comes to maternity, the protocols of royalty are quite strict, and Meghan has had to get used to them. Now, that is close to her delivery she must follow some very clear rules that are taken for her comfort and the permanence of the tradition.

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How will they inform us?

First of all, the first to know about the birth of the baby must be Queen Elizabeth II. Also, the Queen must be the first to know and, besides, the Queen will also have custody of the firstborn of the couple by a decree of 1717 that dictates. However, given that the child of Meghan and Harry will be the seventh in the chain of succession, this rule may not be fulfilled because he is not a direct heir to the throne.

After the Queen is informed and knows the child of the Dukes of Sussex, the rest of the world can be told. This will be done through a statement that will be posted outside Buckingham Palace and will inform the date, time of birth and sex of the baby. Information about your health status and that of your mother will also be given. The name of the baby will only be known until a few days after his birth, never on the same date when the news is known. When the news of the birth of the baby is known the real artillery troop will make 41 shots. No picture of the baby should be published on social networks. The world will know his face through the official photos of the palace.



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About childbirth

The delivery will have to be attended by the real gynecologists, who are ordered absolute discretion on the details of the birth and cannot filter any information before indicated. These are Alan Farthing and Guy Thorpe-Beeston, who also received princes George, Charlotte and Louis, the children of Kate Middleton and Prince William. When presented, the baby should wear some GH Hurt & Sons blankets as part of a tradition that is kept since the birth of his grandfather Prince Charles. This baby, unlike his three cousins, will not wear the title of the prince since he is not a direct heir of the crown and will not immediately receive his title, so he will be called by Lord or Lady until he gets it.

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Since childbirth is a special procedure and reveals the corporality of a member of royalty, the royal family is very reserved about it, so little is known about the procedures that will be carried out on the day of the birth of the real baby. In any case, we can't wait to see it.


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