Feminism and femininity, new concepts embodied in photography

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"Feminism and femininity, a visual reflection" is an exhibition that proposes a different dynamic on feminist theory

Feminism and femininity, new concepts embodied in photography

From March 28 to May 18, the Spanish capital will host the exhibition "Feminism and femininity, a visual reflection", displayed in Le Mur photo gallery & book store; the new art gallery, books, and photoshop.

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The presentation has a total of 61 photographs, which show another vision that is not of feminist activists, feminist theory.

The intention of this photographic exhibition is to make the viewer rethink the concepts of man and woman, gender and sex, the way in which the woman is educated with the question ¿educated or born? cultural conditions, also emphasizing expand the feminist theory where women's voices are still not heard.

The struggle of women to be considered and treated on equal terms with men has been long and lasting, leaving scars in history. Previously, the woman only had to take care of the home, the children and the husband; being removed from working life, lacking rights that men did have.

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The feminist movement fights for the rights and capacities that have been reserved for men to be recognized also for women. Currently, new concepts of femininity have been built, which break with the differences between men and women. The exhibition gives a sample through photographs of the construction of new definitions of femininity and feminist non-exclusive, these new forms counteract the patriarchal system, supporting and vindicating the image of the strong, capable, creative and paved woman.

The project emerged as an exercise in the photographic language of the workshop dictated by Fosi Vegue, a professional photographer who has dedicated more than fifteen years to photography. Together with her students, Vegue, listen to the petition of feminist activists to propose a visual exercise on feminism and femininity. They provide a great challenge because most of the students were men with little knowledge on the subject, but this was not an impediment for the 13 students to carry out an original, fresh and coherent production, in addition to providing the masculine vision regarding the movement.

Its purpose is to highlight the important role played by women in society, exterminate exclusion and devaluation that is given, without forgetting the visible obstacles that women face to be on an equal footing with men, through an art show, which highlights creativity and visualization.

"Our small contribution to this struggle would be that this reflection had continuity in all those people who come to see the exhibition," said the work team on its website.

The sample has currently raised € 2,500 equivalent to 8,808,390 Colombian pesos, thanks to the support of 73 sponsors.

The exhibition begins with gender models as a social construction of Eastern and Western cultures, posing a reflection on diversity and ending with the focus of visual reflection on feminism and femininity of social justice where birth privileges are eliminated, sex and gender.

LatinAmerican Post | Maria José Hernández

Translated from "Feminismo y feminidad, los nuevos conceptos plasmados en la fotografía"

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