'Sports' Netflix': DAZN arrived in Latin America

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In North America and a certain part of Europe, this "Netflix of sport" is sweeping. In March, it started to work in Brazil

'Sports' Netflix': DAZN arrived in Latin America

DAZN was created by the Perform group, dedicated to sports and visualization in digital media. Inspired by services such as Netflix, Hulu or HBO Now, the company founded in London, in 2016, officially launched its own streaming platform dedicated solely to sports.

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The first countries to receive this service were Switzerland, Japan, Austria, and Germany. It was broadcast more than all football (most leagues and largest competitions in Europe), tennis, and basketball. Over time, they were adding more disciplines, such as darts, athletics, baseball, football, among others.

Until today, they have not expanded to many countries; for now they have only reached Canada, the United States, Spain, Italy, and Brazil. Interestingly, the service is not available in England, which is where the company operates from.

However, Perform recognizes that this market is worth billions of pounds, so expecting that in a few years most of the world can access DAZN is naive. Those who currently have the rights to broadcast the most demanded sports of each region are not going to let go of the golden egg hen for a few dollars, so the investment plan proposed by Perform is quite aggressive.

Proof of this was that in October of last year, the new platform signed a contract of 365 million dollars for five years with the promoter of Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez, Golden Boy Promotions, to spend exclusively fights that the boxer has until that moment.

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Previously, the Mexican had a contract with HBO Boxing that, with the loss of the star boxer, was forced to abandon the boxing broadcast through the traditional pay per view format, according to the NY Times. Months before, English boxer Anthony Joshua also signed with the streaming platform. It was with these two juicy contracts that DAZN positioned itself without problem in the United States in the second half of last year.



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This year, the future of the diffusion of sports arrived in Brazil and promises to arrive soon throughout South America. For now, only a few leagues and competitions take place in the country, such as the French League, the Italian League, and the South American Cup. This last result of negotiations with CONMEBOL, an organization dedicated to regulating football in South America, according to Sporttechie. There is also an alliance with the social network Facebook, which recently acquired the broadcast rights of the UEFA Champion's League and Copa Libertadores.

Exactly, what does DAZN offer?

In addition to broadcasting matches live, also gives the option of, at the end of these, see the best plays, interviews, and analysis when you want. They also offer previews of the exclusive matches that promise to be bigger with the passage of time.

Most important of all, it destroys traditional television services in terms of prices. If before I had to pay $ 50 dollars to watch a boxing match on HBO, with DAZN one pays, in the US, $ 20 per month, or $100 dollars per year.

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