Venezuela seems to take a definitive step towards its freedom

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After the meeting of the Lima Group, the conditions look favorable for the culmination of the fateful cycle of Nicolás Maduro. However, we must wait

Venezuela seems to take a definitive step towards its freedom

More support from Latin American countries, protection of the lives of Juan Guaidó and Iván Duque in the face of possible attacks, and a request to Cuba to participate more actively in the issue of Venezuela, these are the main conclusions of the meeting of the Lima Group, held this Friday. This meeting constitutes, from the vision of this writer, a very important step towards the cessation of the illegitimate government of Nicolás Maduro.

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This, of course, if we add the recent position of the United States in which the Vice President Secretary of State, Mike Pence, warned through a press release and prior to the Conference of the Americas that the current situation in Venezuela will be dealt with. Donald Trump's commitment to work closely with his partners to address an issue of great importance to the region in which he seeks to strengthen democracy. Pence has already used the word "devastating consequences" to refer to the subject.

But well, going back to the Lima Group, it seems that the next important step will be the participation of Cuba, a country from which they hope to establish a position of support for Guaidó and thus continue to pave the way for a solution to the crisis in Venezuela. Let's not forget that this Central American country has always been linked to the land of Simón Bolívar, and that even some specialists consider that it is key to the survival of this island, beyond the oil crisis that affects its 'godfather'.

Recall also that the governments of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, and Peru have reiterated their support for the opposition leader Guaidó and therefore their support for the actions recently undertaken in Venezuela, after the release of Leopoldo López after his house arrest and the support of some soldiers who were subscribed to the government of Nicolás Maduro.

Although the trend of support goes more towards the peaceful way, my feeling is that, in extreme case, the Lima Group would also support the necessary action to put an end to this long crisis that already affects several countries of the continent. After the meeting of the aforementioned organization, Peru's Foreign Minister Néstor Popolizio demanded respect for the integrity and freedom of all Venezuelans, including - of course - the opposition leader and interim president, Juan Guaidó.

Also, the UN was asked to address the mass exodus of Venezuelans, even though I fear, everything will remain in a request, because it is the countries themselves which determine establishing their migration control mechanisms in the absence of a definite plan on the part of the United Nations. Organization that since last year announced a coordination mechanism for the massive departure of Venezuelans, who do not see greater results.

The Secretary General, António Guterres, then met the Agency for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), in order to implement this mechanism, but then there was no further information.

Finally, the Lima Group highlighted the importance of Colombia in the matter, a country that has decidedly supported Juan Guaidó through President Iván Duque, and who, in its opinion, would also be at risk of his integrity, so that he must protect be a priority. For them, the protection of the illegitimate regime of Nicolás Maduro is a threat because terrorist groups, which operate in the territory of Colombia, seek to destabilize the firm institution that is Colombia, as detailed in a document.

The words of Carlos Holmes Trujillo, Minister of Foreign Affairs, reporting that from Caracas the Maduro government had offered logistical support to the National Liberation Army (ELN), to take action against Duque, was undoubtedly the trigger for the issue has taken relevance along with that of Venezuela, being closely linked.

In conclusion, as a Venezuelan, I can only say that the events of recent days point to a new step towards the goal of Venezuela to reestablish its freedom. But the firm action must come from the United States when the peaceful ways, for me exhausted since a while ago, can no longer be sustained. We all prefer a peaceful exit, and these actions represent one more step towards that. However, patience is extinguished.


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