Thailand and its eccentric king figure

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The coronation of the King of Thailand was a three-day celebration full of eccentricities. Do you know what the figure of the king in this Nation means?

 Thailand and its eccentric king figure

Maha Vajiralongkor, now better known as King Rama X, has been in monarchical power since 2016, the year in which his father died, and his coronation, a three-day event, took place on Saturday, May 4. The monarchy to which it belongs has been in power since the end of the eighteenth century, according to information from EFE.

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Luxury and eccentricities are the main components of this coronation of a religious character, converting the king, not only into the maximum figure of political representation but into a semi-god. Due to the importance of his figure, the new king is celebrated with chants, parade, music, and prayers. The coronation of his father, the former King, who passed away in 2016, took place 70 years ago. So this first coronation after so many decades was received with all the possible ostentations.

It was with a crowned sacred ritual while wearing a golden suit and a large pointed crown of the same color that weighs 7.3kg. Meanwhile, King Rama X recited: "We will protect, preserve and continue the kingdom with virtue and for the benefit and eternal happiness of the whole people," according to La Vanguardia.

For the Thais, the coronation had an important connotation, since the prayers and rituals during the celebration show the union between Hinduism and Buddhism that exists in the country. Besides, the figure of King ends up being practically a god for its citizens and is considered the maximum figure of representation of Thai Buddhism, and as close as one can be to a religious figure.

The figure of the monarchy in Thailand is so important that there is even the law of lese majesty, which "provides penalties of between 3 and 15 years in prison for those who criticize the royal family," according to El Espectador.

King Vajiralongkor has also been known for his lack of charisma, which stands out as his father was considered a charismatic figure and was considered 'the father of the Nation.' Meanwhile, he has been seen, during the three years since he was proclaimed king, as a distant figure. She has also attracted attention for having married 4 times, the last one just days before her coronation, and for having 7 children of three different women. Of which, 4 of them are not part of the royal family, according to EFE.

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The Thai political model

The Thai model, democratic constitutional monarchy, means that the country has a Head of State, who is the King, and a Head of Government, who is chosen, in theory, democratically.

While the monarchy, as previously stated, represents a prominent religious figure, the government and its leader have been mired in a political crisis in recent years. Thailand has experienced 18 military coups, 11 of them successful, so it could be said that he has lived in a political crisis.

This year specifically, Thailand has made drastic changes in politics. Not only for the coronation of a king after 70 years, but also the first democratic elections after being mired in a dictatorial regime after a coup in 2014.

Corruption and abuse of power were the triggers of the military coup that occurred during a political crisis that had been in the country for more than six months. After this, in addition to the blockade of media, which led to a social crisis, the figure of Government disappeared and was replaced by the military junta. However, until March 20 of this year, elections were called.

Now, after elections that had the participation of about 80% of people who could vote, in the coming weeks, a new Parliament will be formed. Once this is consolidated, and after the coronation of Rama X, the country could face essential changes in its policy,


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Translated from "Tailandia y su excéntrica figura de Rey."

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