These are the most valuable brands of alcoholic beverages in Latin America

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When it comes to liquors and beers, some of the most valuable brands in the world come from this region

These are the most valuable brands of alcoholic beverages in Latin America

In the list of the most valuable brands in the world, prepared by Forbes, Latin America does not have any brand that represents it, at least among the first 70 positions on the list. A lagged industrial landscape and domestic consumption below the world average are just some of the reasons why brands in the region have not reached the size to compete for these positions.

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The first Latin American brand that appears in this list, in 74th place, is Corona. The Mexican beer brand belongs to Grupo Modelo, which in turn belongs to the largest brewery in the world, the Belgian firm Anheuser-Busch InBev.

The presence of Corona as the most valuable brand in Latin America shows a trend. While there is no representation among the most valuable brands in the world, in regard to beer and spirits, Latin American brands make an important presence.

The domain of Latin beers

The most valuable beer brands in the world continue to be North American brands. Bud Light leads the list, which was compiled by Brand Finance, with its brand valued at $ 7.3 billion. It is followed by Budweiser, also American, and then the Dutch Heineken. This is the top 3, but in the fourth place, the first Latin American representative appears.

With its brand valued at $ 3,700 million dollars, Brahma beer brand, from Brazil, is the most valuable brand in Latin America according to Brand Finance. Brahma outperforms Corona in this list, mainly because they measure different categories, but we must also take into account that Brand Finance separates beer sub-brands, so that Corona Extra appears in the sixth position of its ranking, and not simply Corona as a brand. According to Brand Finance, the brand of Corona Extra is valued at $ 3,400 million dollars, while according to Forbes, the Corona brand has a value of $ 8,800 million.

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Corona is closely followed by the second Brazilian beer brand, Skol, which ranks seventh. And although there are no more Latin American beer brands in the top 10, you do not have to go down the ladder to find more.

In position 13 is the Mexican Tecate, which belongs to the Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma brewery and Heineken International, the main competition of Grupo Modelo in Mexico.

Lower down, in 17th place, is the Colombian beer brand Águila, which according to Brand Finance registered the second largest growth figure among the other beer brands in the world, increasing the value of its brand by 52% until reaching the $ 1,400 million.

Rum shows its face through Latin American liquors

Among the 25 most valuable brands of spirits in the world, according to the Brand Finance list, there would only be one Latin American: the Cuban rum brand Bacardi, which ranks number 10 with a valuation of $ 2.3 billion. They could be two if we include Puerto Rican rum brand Captain Morgan, which takes the 20th place.

To find a Latin American brand that is not rum, we must go down to position 27, where José Cuervo tequila is located, almost 20 places above its competition, Don Julio, who occupies the 46th position.


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