Everything you need to know about El Marginal 3

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El Marginal will have a third season. Here we will show you all the details of the new part of San Onofre's prison drama

Everything you need to know about El Marginal 3

Undoubtedly, El Marginal has been a series that managed to shake the parameters of television consumption in Latin America. First, because its first season, which saw the light in 2016, was a success for TV Pública: a television channel in Argentina.

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However, the real boom came later, when Netflix bought the rights to broadcast it on its streaming platform. From that moment on, it went viral not only in its country of origin but also in the bordering territories and some European states.

Why does the story continue?

At first, the story was planned to end after the first season. However, both the success in its country of origin and its international dissemination by the digital platform, made its director, Luis Ortega, extend the story to a second stage. It would be located in a chronological stage prior to the events that occurred in the first part.

This prequel, after being launched locally by Argentinian television, was uploaded to Netflix with a success similar to that of the original season. In this way, there was no doubt about it: this prison drama would have its third part, which is what concerns us to analyze in this case.

Who will be the actors involved in the third season of El Marginal?

On this occasion, there will be a remarkable difference: the protagonist will be Diosito, one of the favorite characters of the viewers, played by the Uruguayan actor Nicolás Furtado. You must recall that, in the previous seasons, Diosito exerted an important role in the plot, although subject to the main roles of Juan Minujín, in the first part, and Esteban Lamothe, in the second.

According to El Clarín, the recordings of this new stage began on March 7. In addition to the confirmation of Nicolás Furtado, the cast will be composed of most of the main characters in the series. Thus, we will meet again with Emma Molinari (Martina Gusmán), Mario Borges (Claudio Rissi) and Gerardo Romano (Gerardo Antín), among others.

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However, we can not omit the charisma and popularity of some secondary characters in this story. Thus, the fans can stay calm, since the cast is again composed by Morcilla (Carlos Portaluppi), César (Abel Ayala), Pedro (Brian Buley), Panther (Ignacio Sureda), James (Daniel Pacheco). We can also see some appearances of El Sapo Quiroga (Roly Serrano), villain of the second installment.

That's not all: there will also be some reputable additions. In this way, the cast will add members like Alejandro Awada, Gustavo Garzón, Ana Maria Picchio or Lorenzo Ferro, known for his leading role in the recent film El Ángel.


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The series allows a return that may be unexpected. This is Luna (Maite Lanata), the daughter of the judge who had been kidnapped in the first season. It should be noted that in the second season she did not appear. Well, Rating Cero says she will return to be part of the third.

There will also be space for some famous people who are not part of the small screen shows. Thus, El Litoral comments that Duki, an Argentinian trap singer, will join the list of celebrities outside the world of television, as is the case with Rodrigo Mora, former soccer player of River Plate, who had already appeared at some moments of the second season. And, following the transversality of the world of soccer with that of entertainment, there will be a new incorporation: Rolando Schiavi, former player of Boca Juniors.

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What is the storyline of this season?

The second part of El Marginal was a prequel. Despite the end (which, without making spoilers, includes a scene from the future of the first stage), it was decided to continue with the path of the prequel.

Then, we can say that, in this third season, the prison life of San Onofre will be portrayed in a later stage to the events of the "pigeon riot". This is neither more nor less than the continuation of the end of the second season.

El Clarín also comments that El Marginal 3 will be based on the consolidation in power of the Borges brothers. According to what could be ascertained, there is a possibility to raise money quickly, which would serve to buy their ticket out of prison.

Antín, in this case, will acquire great importance, since he will entrust the Borges with the protection of an inmate -the son of a businessman with a lot of money- who arrived at the institution recently. However, that will not be the only occupation of this charismatic duo: they will also have to protect themselves from the members of the Sub 21, who will seek to dethrone them.

When will it premiere?

El Marginal 3 will premiere on TV Pública during the second half of the year. A few weeks after its completion on Argentinian television, it will be available in the Netflix Latin America catalog.


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