Marcelo Bielsa's controversial Fair Play and other similar cases

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The Argentinian strategist has been the subject of applause, ridicule, and criticism after ordering his team to let the other team score a goal

Marcelo Bielsa's controversial Fair Play and other similar cases

The gaucho trainer, Marcelo Bielsa, who manages England's Leeds, recently had to talk after ordering his team to allow that the other team makes a goal. This fact originated after a controversial play in order to amend the lack of fair play of their managers. Some criticize it and others praise it.

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The situation occurred when Mateusz Klich scored the goal of Leeds when one of the players of Aston Villa was hurt in the middle of the field. After the goal, there was a strong fight on the field, which generated the expulsion of the Egyptian Anwar El Ghazi and the discussion of Bielsa with the coaches.

After what happened, the gaucho strategist asked his coaches to let the other team score a goal and Albert Adomah put the 1-1 that would be the final result. In case of having won, Leeds would have been promoted directly to the First Division, but after this draw, it will have to win a playoff to ascend. LatinAmerican Post analyzes this case, on which there are divided opinions and from which several questions arise, mainly: was this decision correct or wrong?

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Bielsa's justification

In statements registered by El Universo, Bielsa indicated that what happened happened and that is all there is to say about something that is very clear. In the same way, the gaucho strategist added that the difference between fair play and the circumstances of the game is marked, but everything for him is the same.

Finally, Marcelo Bielsa said that English soccer is known around the world for its nobility in the way it is played. On the other hand, the Spanish, Pablo Hernández, one of the captains of the British team, was chosen by 'El Loco' to fulfill his requirements.

"We all look at each other. We accepted his orders. And we believe that it was what we had to do," Pablo told Radio Cope on Infobae registry. Likewise, Pablo added to the report that Bielsa is a different coach, that he has learned a lot and that he has strengthened as a player.

Reviews received

In the Agenda Fox Tv Show, the controversial Argentinian journalist, Martin Liberman, indicated that he does not agree with what Bielsa did. The communicator said that 'El Loco' was not playing anything in this game, that Leeds had no option to move up and that was the reason.

He stressed that the decision was taken by force, which was something that did not come out of his conviction, because the Aston Villa players hit the one who made the goal. Liberman ended with the phrase "for a good deed, everything, but for a bad one, not even water", since in the bank of Leeds insults and aggressions were presented.

In conversation with the TV show Al mediodía se habla así, which is broadcast by Directv Sports, Juan Sebastián Verón gave his opinion on what happened. "There is a referee in the middle who judges the game. If we surpass his figure, we are in a place that does not correspond to us".

These were the strong statements of Verón that were published by the newspaper El Clarín . 'La Bruja' was directed by Bielsa in the Argentinian National Team. In turn, the Paraguayan Soccer Team's ex-goalkeeper, José Luis Chilavert, strongly attacked Bielsa in his Twitter account: "Bielsa gives a Fair Play class in England, and because he allowed Pochettino's goal with his hand against Paraguay (...)".


Another one who was furious with Bielsa was the well-known commentator Horacio Pagani, who in his TV show Estudio Fútbol launched hard claims. "What he is doing is a question of marketing, he could not be classified then he had to create all this smokescreen", said the portal La Tecla. Pagani also asked the leaders of the English club and the Leeds captain for the dismissal of the Argentinian coach, because he does not deserve the job.

Bielsa's follies

The renowned Argentinian portal TYC Sports listed five moments that reflect particular moments of the life of the gaucho trainer. In the first instance, and with only 16 years of age, he left his parents' home, went to live on a pension and 5 months later returned home.

Then he was the coach of the UBA, where he took the players to the field of Argentinos Juniors and the reserve of Boca to train with them, making strong practices. Another aspect mentioned was when he rode a Fiat 147 in order to find talents for the lower divisions of Newell's Old Boys.

When he directed Athletic Bilbao in 2012, he worried about the Basque club's facilities and had an incident with the head of the construction. In 2016, he was hired by Lazio de Italia, a club with which he lasted two days, because he was not brought five players before July 5.

Examples of Fair Play in soccer (Source: La Republica.pe)

* The German striker, Miroslav Klose, was congratulated by the Napoli players after admitting that he scored a goal with his hand.

* A whistle blew from the rostrum that confused the referee in a match between Iran and Denmark. A penalty was declared and Morten Wieghorst decided to miss it.

* In the game between Werder Bremen and Nuremberg, Aaron Hunt fell after a foul, followed by the referee's decision to decreed a penalty, but then he stopped asking the referee not to decree the penalty.

* Werder Bremen faced Köln when a strike was rejected by Yuya Osako.  A corner was decreed, but the wing warned about the error and a goal kick was made.

* Paolo Di Canio was left alone in front of the goal, ready to define, the goalkeeper was injured and the Italian took the ball asking for attention.


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