Baby sling: these are the benefits of its use

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The baby sling is increasingly used by parents and accepted by experts. Here its benefits

Baby sling: these are the benefits of its use

A baby sling is an alternative to the car or stroller that is being used by many parents. This piece is a long handkerchief that is tied around the baby and the trunk of the mother or father, in such a way that the weight is distributed from the shoulders passing through the back and ending at the hip. In addition, the way in which the sling is tied allows the baby to be elevated, but that does not bother the sight of his parents and gives a sensation of less weight.

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There are two types of baby sling: the elastic scarf, which has elastane and allows more versatility; and the rigid scarf, which is 100% cotton and avoids the rebound effect. Here's a video of how it works.

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The benefits of the sling

One of the benefits for which the experts recommend this method is because of weight distribution, since parents are less likely to have back pain because of the way in which the mooring is done. In addition, the sling also serves as a support for the mothers breast.

On the other hand, it allows the baby to develop a sense of balance, as it is in constant movement. This leads it to balance itself as he seeks to adjust itself to the position of his mother or father. When sitting and not lying down, the baby also adopts a correct hips position.

Being at the height of their parents, the baby receives more stimulation from the world around him and has the possibility of having closer contact with it.

The greatest benefit is the approach to its parents. For babies, physical contact is very important in this first stage of their lives, so this method allows continuous physical contact that generates strong bonds between parents and their children. In addition, being a kind of fabric so soft and placed close to the belly, it recreates the feeling of being inside the mother's belly, which relaxes the baby. The emotional well-being provided by the sling to the baby is invaluable.


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