Not lifting your baby when he or she cries can be a mistake

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Do not charge your little one has severe consequences in its development. If you want to know which ones we tell you here

Not lifting your baby when he or she cries can be a mistake

There is a generalized belief that carrying babies is terrible because they become very spoiled, do not learn to manage their emotions and become capricious children. However, not taking it when it cries or giving it due attention generates an adverse consequence: the emotional and psycho-emotional development of the baby will be negatively affected. This can produce people with:

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  • Emotional detachment
  • Resignation to not receiving attention
  • High levels of stress
  • Anxiety

According to the pediatrician Darío Botero Cadavid, in statements collected by ABC del Bebé, the cry of babies is their way of communicating, the way they relate to their surroundings. This communication, primitive, allows the baby to tell his caregivers that he is hungry, cold, sleepy or something that causes him discomfort. Due to the early age of children, they are not able to understand what it means to control their emotions, so if a child cries, he does so to communicate with the rest of the world.

Clemencia de la Espriella, clinical psychologist, in an interview for LatinAmerican Post, affirms that we must respond to crying babies always because it is their way of knowing what needs or wants something. That is, if a two-year-old child cries, even though he is no longer considered a baby, he must always evaluate why he does so since his linguistic knowledge is not fully developed.

As for loading, de la Espriella considers that it should be done from 0 to 12 months, age in which the baby is unable to communicate in any other way. As the other specialists say, lifting your baby brings benefits in physical and emotional development.


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Mothers often believe that letting them cry will make them learn to manage their emotions, but according to the scientific community children are learning to resign themselves to not receiving affection and attention from their parents and caregivers. The University of Notre Dame in the United States found that babies who are not consoled with hugs, lullabies, and cuddling after crying can turn into people having difficulty reassuring themselves.

In this sense, carrying your baby and offering her the comfort she needs will allow her to have a better practical and emotional development. This means that you are helping him to increase his self-esteem and to feel loved by those around him.


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Dr. Botero says that feeling loved will allow the baby to be a more self-confident and independent person, which in the long term will favor positive development, both physical and mental.


LatinAmerican Post | Marcela Peñaloza

Translated from "No alzar a tu bebé cuando llora puede ser un error"

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