What should be the first meals for your baby?

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The time to change breast milk for solid food for your baby has arrived. These are good options to make the change little by little

What should be the first meals for your baby?

During the first 6 months of a baby's life, it is ideal to eat exclusively breast milk, as this will allow it to collect all the nutrients its body needs. But, of course, your little one can not stay all his life consuming breast milk; around 6 months after its birth, it is necessary to begin to make the switch to more solid meals. This process should be gradual and not instantaneous, since your baby is not used to the food that we as adults consume. Here is a list of foods that you can include in its diet that will provide the necessary nutrients. If you have doubts or your baby shows an allergic reaction, take it to the pediatrician.

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With what should I start?

Compotes: this is the first food that your little one should start with. When it reaches six months you should start to lower the number of times you breastfeed it and supplement it with compotes. Keep in mind that the basic nutrition of the baby is still breast milk and the compote serves mainly so that it begins to adapt to the most solid food.

Vegetable puree: it can be carrot or potato, the important thing is that your baby also comes close to the flavors that are not entirely sweet and that from a young age he learns to eat vegetables that will be of vital importance the rest of his life.


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Cereals: they can be pre-cooked, not only they are not foods that are easy to eat, but also give important nutrients for their development.

Flans or homemade desserts: it is very important that you allow your baby to experiment with new flavors, and that as a parent will be fun to watch him react to new things. Allow him once a week to eat a homemade dessert that is not high in sugar levels. You can make puddings that are soft and easy to make or unflavored jelly to which you can add pieces of fruit.

Rice: you can include it in the first instance as puree, since, being such a small grain, your baby may find it difficult to consume it. After a while, you can give him rice made of porridge and cooked and soft rice at the same time so that little by little he gets used to it. Add vegetables such as beans or carrots.


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Red and white meats: when your baby is a little more accustomed to solids, you can add red and white meats. Remember to cook them very well and cut them into small squares so it can easily digest them. We recommend you to cook some liver, since it is a very important source of iron.


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