Cristina Kirschner: new vice-presidential formula and first trial for corruption

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After the announcement in social networks accepting Alberto Fernandez's vice-presidential formula, Kirschner attended the first oral hearing on charges of corruption

Cristina Kirschner: new vice-presidential formula and first trial for corruption

The presidential elections in Argentina will be in October and the candidates are already beginning to take the first steps of the campaigns. In this regard, the last announced that caused a stir was not that of a candidate for the presidency, but the confirmation of Cristina Fernandez de Kirschner as a vice-presidential formula of Alberto Fernández, former chief of Cabinet of the mandates of Nestor Kirschner and during the first year of Cristina's.

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Beyond the fact that it is the first presidential campaign launched by the vice-presidential formula, the video that Kirschner posted on social networks disconcerted the Argentine people, both citizens and politicians. This happens because, after all the media attention that CFK had received before and during the launch of her memoirs, sincerely, she was expected to take the presidency. Finally, as she had done before, CFK acted unexpectedly and raised new questions regarding the role she wants to play in the next presidential term.

Also, only four days after announcing her launch to the vice presidency, the first oral hearing was held to CFK on charges of corruption, specifically for embezzlement of funds in the bids granted to businessman Lázaro Báez.

Cristina Kirschner, vice presidential formula

On Saturday, May 18, through a video on their social networks, CFK announced that she would be the vice-presidential formula of Alberto Fernandez, former head of the Kirschner's Cabinet. "I have asked Alberto Fernandez to head the formula that we will integrate together: he as a candidate for president and me as a vice-candidate, to participate in the next primary, open, simultaneous and obligatory elections", she affirms.

Regarding who would support the presidency, she says she has known him for 20 years and affirms that "they had differences". Also, she does not deny that he "was Nestor's chief of staff throughout his presidency [of Nestor], and I saw him together with him decide, organize, agree and always seek the broadest possible extent of the government."

As El Pais affirms, the formula Fernández-Fernández remembers Hector Campora and General Juan Domingo Perón in 1973, of which "Campora to the presidency, Perón to power" was said. In that sense, this formula would be "Fernandez to the presidency, Fernandez de Kirschner to power."

The point that stands out most during the video's speech is the need to raise a people in crisis, both economically and socially. She assures that "the unnecessary indebtedness of the country begins to show in this present the symptoms of a reality that will be very difficult to reverse". For this reason, she warns the voters that "something has to be clear to all and to all: it is going to try to have to govern an Argentina again in ruins, with a people again impoverished".

Finally, she clarified, in the manner of an invitation to the Argentines, that "more than winning an election, we need men and women who can govern an Argentina that is in a situation (...) worse than that of 2001, and that it has the sufficient amplitude of ideas and of political sectors to represent with commitment the national interest (...) and to give answers to the most urgent needs of our town".

In this way, Cristina made it clear that, if Alberto Fernandez remains as president and even with her support in the vice presidency, the recovery of one of the most serious economic crises in the South American continent will be a challenge.

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The first of the oral trials

In a video on Twitter, the former president mentions that "in the last years of my administration, and especially since I said goodbye to the government (...), I have been the victim of the most ferocious and ruthless campaign of lies and defamations against me, my family and our government".

Precisely, the trial on Tuesday was the first the many trials that will have to attend in different positions. Although, as CNN explains in Spanish, she has privileges that protect her from being detained or imprisoned for being a senator, only the fact being in trials is damage to her public image and a disadvantage in future elections.

In this case, the audience consisted of reading the accusations that she faces in relation to the so-called 'case of public works'. According to the BBC, this case consists of "an alleged illicit association of ministers and government officials Kirchner allegedly diverted public infrastructure funds to benefit entrepreneurs like Lázaro Báez". According to prosecutors, the latter only completed two of the 51 works whose tender was delivered. During the hearing, CFK remained silent, although very active on his cell phone and occasionally whispered something to his lawyer.

According to El País, the next hearing in this case, in which the final arguments will be read, will be held after the second round of the elections in November, so she could already be exercising in the Casa Rosada. In the interval, "150 witnesses will pass through the tribunal, including Alberto Fernández himself, the head of ministers during the first year of Cristina Kirchner as president, in 2008."

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CFK has always defended his innocence and exposed that all the accusations are part of the persecution of Macri's government towards her figure. As he stated on Twitter a few hours before the hearing, "this is a new act of persecution with a single objective: to place a former opposition president to this government in the dock in the midst of the presidential campaign."

Finally, on Thursday, May 23, with the reinstatement of federal judge Claudio Bonadío, after a medical license, CFK learned that she could be called to another trial under the charges of "concealment, destruction or illegal export of historical documents", as Perfil says. This is the consequence of a letter from San Martín to Bernardo O'Higgins in 1835 and the record of former President Hipólito Yrigoyen who were found in the raid on her house in El Calafate in August 2018. In response, Cristina affirmed in her defense when it was the raid, as well as in her book, Sinceramente, that the letter had been a gift from Russian President Vladimir Putin during a visit.

Thus, CFK is in a race not only for the vice presidency, but also in a race against the judicial investigations in which it is involved.


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