The 2019 Book Fair in Argentina best moments

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Although the 2019 Book Fair in Argentina has already ended, it was one of the most important events of the year. Here the best of this event

The 2019 Book Fair in Argentina best moments

The initial speech, which took place on April 25, was in charge of the anthropologist Rita Segato. The newspaper La Capital de Mar del Plata commented that this inauguration had a feminist perspective, since the author spoke critically, with a proposal to make known "diversity of cultural identities", with the aim of "having a radically plural world as a historical goal. "

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The multitudinous presentation of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

The former president of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, presented her book Sinceramente (Sincerely) in La Rural, before a crowd of people who accompanied her. In addition, it was possible to observe the presence of politicians and national ex-leaders, such as Aníbal Fernández, Victoria Donda, Agustín Rossi and Alberto Fernández.

According to La Nación, who refer to this speech on May 9, the former president thanked the idea and creation of this autobiography precisely to this last politician, who served as Chief of Staff between 2003 and 2008.

Among other issues, she said that "the experience of writing a book is amazing,", while arguing that "I had to write things that would help everyone to recognize the history of what we live." She also explained that she tried to convey to the young people (whom she classified as "her big bet") all that she had to live, reviewing her entire political and personal career.

On the other hand, she also gave some indications of its already announced campaign for the country's vice-presidency, whose elections will be held this year. Thus, she said that a "social contract of all female and male Argentineans" is necessary, at the same time that she appealed to the "commitment of all" for responsible citizenship.

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Indio Solari's life details

On Monday May 13, the last day of the Book Fair in Argentina, Carlos Alberto Solari, better known as Indio, presented his autobiography: Memorias que mientes un poco (Memories that lie a little), written out of conversations he had with Marcelo Figueras.

Well, the Indio Solari is a famous artist from Argentina and Latin America, known for his role as a singer in the group Patricio Rey and his Redonditos de Ricota, in addition to his multitudinous concerts with his solo band, Fundamentalistas del Aire Acondicionado .

Prior to the arrival of these memoirs, his personality and his personal history were little known, as this author was always reluctant to discuss these issues to the press. He had rarely explained the meaning of his songs, so his figure was always associated with a mysterious aura.

However, on the occasion of his 70 years -and a growing Parkinson's disease-, he decided to publish a writing of more than 600 pages in which he tells all aspects and details of his life. Thus, his presentation at the Book Fair could be known thanks to a video (his "social phobia" is known, which does not allow him to physically attend these events), from an interview projected on the screen, which was made by Marcelo Figueras, writer in charge of his work.

According to Página12, the presentation of his story (which occurred inside the Jorge Luis Borges room of the Book Fair) left some interesting titles. There he commented that "he does not know if he will do another recital", due to the state of his body. The last one he offered was in 2017, where Olavarría was overwhelmed with the presence of more than 300,000 people.

However, he said that he plans "to perform a concert in streaming" with his solo band. In addition, he revealed that he is preparing another book with Marcelo Figueras, in addition to other musical projects and artistic works, although he did not give too many details about it.

Other protagonists of the 2019 Book Fair

There were also other interesting presentations throughout the 2019 Book Fair. Among them, we highlight the book Cuando fuimos peripatéticos (When We Were the Peripatetics), written by Héctor Lozano. The author told Diario Perfil in an interview that there is narrated the story of the Spanish series Merlí, which had a wide repercussion in Argentina. In this presentation, actor Carlos Cuevas also appeared, who played the character of Pol Rubio. Thus, the fans there could get some signatures and photos with this actor.


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On the other hand, history was present in this edition of the Book Fair 2019. In the first case, with the presentation of Insolent Women of History 2, by Felipe Pigna. According to La Nación, this delivery, directed to boys and girls, counts on some illustrations and information of 29 transcendental women of all the times, between which Maria Elena Walsh, Eva Perón or Tita Merello stand out.

Finally, the philosophy also had its place in this event, thanks to the talk of the philosopher Dario Sztajnszrajber, who spoke of critical thinking framed in hisbest-seller, Philosophy in 11 sentences.

It is also worth noting that ANDigital reported that Stephen King was the most wanted author at the 2019 Book Fair, followed by Eduardo Galeano and Florencia Bonelli. On the other hand, the ranking of the most required titles was headed by Harry Potter and The Stone Philosopher, by JK Rowling, followed by 1984, by George Orwell. In the third place, however, was The Psychoanalyst, by John Katzenbach.


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