Cultural agenda: exhibitions and auctions of the week

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Next, we show you the artistic and cultural activities to which we recommend you to attend and participate

Cultural agenda: exhibitions and auctions of the week

Extraordinary auction in Buenos Aires

Today, Wednesday, May 22, a great sale of high-quality works of art will be presented at the City Bank, including a painting by the Argentine painter categorized in the naïf group, Cándido López. The auction will be held within the framework of the 141st anniversary of the bank. As published by the news agency Nova, every year the bank gathers for its anniversary auction a set of works selected and cataloged by its group of art appraisers that come out to be finished with also certified antiques with experts in gemology of the institution.

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These auctions held at Banco Ciudad, as published by the news agency Nova, allow the public to invest in works by recognized and emerging Latin American artists. The event will take place at 6:00 pm Buenos Aires time at the Santa María Auditorium and its doors will be open to the general public. Payments can be made by debit and credit card of all banks, and if you have Bank City cards you can have financing of up to six installments without interest

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Chiachio & Giannone: Celebrating diversity

Until next August 4 at the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) of Long Beach you can visit the exhibition of Argentine artists Leo Chiachio and Daniel Giannone who will present a concept of "painting" on canvas, a kind of "textile mosaic" "To which the participation of the local community is added. The sample is the continuation of the project that was born in the city of Buenos Aires and, as Chiachio explained, the fabrics are reused and the idea is that when they cut them, they dye them and use them with parts of other materials for the creation of designs, whether they are considered a painting, a question that makes their creations innovative.

In the expoición of Argentina, they integrated artists of different generations about the collective LGTB, and they called Family to him to 6 colors; upon arriving at MOLAA, they repeat this idea, paying homage to twenty-one artists from the region and calling it the 6-color Californian Family. Within this group are names such as Carlos Almaraz, Ben Cueva, among others. Carlos Ortega is the curator of MOLAA's collections and he affirmed for the same medium that it is the first time that the exhibition leaves Argentina, in a way that favors the integration of community in the creative process within the museum and favors the taking of works of art. the institution to other entities and events.



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