The facts behind wrestler Ashley Massaro's death

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Wrestling continues in mourning after the death of the ex-WWE wrestler, who in her last years worked as a model

The facts behind wrestler Ashley Massaro's death

Although she had not broken on good terms her relationship with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), even so the footprint left by Ashley Massaro in the world of wrestling was very important. This is confirmed after her death with only 39 years of age, on May 17, and far from the scenarios, but close to the cameras because she served as a model.

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Massaro, a native of New York, was one of the most recognizable superstars of the past decade on the aforementioned sports field, despite her abrupt departure in 2016. This happened when she joined the class action lawsuit that several ex-wrestlers filed against Vince McMahon's company for medical negligence in several cases of concussion, according to El Español.

Even our protagonist of this edition suffered more serious complications during her time as a wrestler, because she reported a case of sexual assault during a tour in Europe. She retired in 2008 to make life in the modeling world of Playboy magazine.

In this regard, Us As added that, in that same statement, the former sportswoman hinted at a very serious issue, because she blamed McMahon to ask her not to inform the police that, during a tour in Kuwait, she was drugged and raped by US military personnel who were in the aforementioned Asian nation.

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Why did she commit suicide?

Initially, the specific causes of her death were not specified after her body was found dead at her Long Island home. BBC World clarified that, beyond that the causes were not specified, the authorities always ruled out something suspicious or the homicide theory.

A few days later, it was El Español who cleared up what happened with Massaro. This newspaper replicated the contents of the TMZ Chain that ensured that the WWE ex-wrestler committed suicide after hanging herself in her house in New York, unable to overcome her physical and emotional problems.

That theory follows from what Ashley herself explained in the lawsuit she filed against WWE in 2016, in which she said verbatim: "Today I suffer from depression, so I take medication, I have migraines and severe short-term memory loss", a clear complaint to the wrestling company for not supporting her in the moments when she needed them the most.

Finally, Marca added that Massaro's death was classified as "non-criminal" by the police and that the reason for her suicide was her depressive problem. Recently, The New York Times published that Konstantine Kyros, the lawyer of the fighter and models, reported that Ashley's wish in life was to donate her brain to science for research on chronic traumatic encephalopathy.


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Her achievements

BBC Mundo said that the fighter and model competed in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) league between 2005 and 2008, after winning a talent contest. Kelly Catlin, one of her closest companions, noted that "she could not live up to her expectations ."

El Español said that throughout her career Massaro accomplished two great achievements. In 2007, with just two years in the circuit, she triumphed in the most mediatic fight in the history of the contest against Melina. She also won the RAW Diva Search, a program aimed at finding the next successful female superstar. Last but not least, she was very appreciated.

In fact, several people inside and outside WWE have already expressed their sadness at the news. For example, Maria Kanellis wrote on Twitter: "I have no words. Ashley was my tag partner at Wrestlemania. My sometimes road wife. We did countless photo shoots and press days together. It seems like yesterday Ashley was a major part of my life and then our worlds changed and now she is gone. Im heartbroken for her family."

BBC Mundo added that, on the day she died, Massaro was working as a model and that she was ten days away from turning 40 years old. In that facet, she appeared on the cover of Playboy Magazine and on the Survivor reality show. Other recognized wrestling stars spoke on social networks to express their condolences.


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